Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday

I decided to dedicate a few Wednesdays to ME and my (attempt) weight loss. I know weight is something many woman struggle with especially after children and especially after 10 kids. Ok I have 3 kids but who knows the difference. 

AND yes I do envy all of you super tiny moms of 12 kids, but I guess if I really did have 12 kids to run after I might also be tiny.

 (get ready to read an outrageously LONG and boring story about my diets and workouts)

Pre-Ethan, I had reached my ultimate in weight and shape. I don’t think I had ever been in better shape in my whole life.  5’7ish, 134lbs, sz 4.  Oh yeah, I was one smoking momma.
I reached that level of fitness with a  carb cycling diet and weight training. I did some Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and Bravo’s Jackie something DVD, along with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training – look it up, with a good diet this can kick some serious FAT).

Then came the jelly bean in my tummy. That boy craved every type of potato. I was eating mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French fries, tator tots , hash browns. And everything breaded and fried and or sweet was my comfort!  By the end of my pregnancy I was at about 170something. And Ethan was only 7lbs of it! 

For the first 10 months after Ethan, since I was nursing (pumping, Ethan refused to latch on unless it was to pacify himself) I tried to not restrict my calories too much or workout too hard. I maintained a weight the whole time. Finally I could not take one more pumping session and I was overly tired of feeling like a cow and I stopped. 

Then came Ethan’s birthday party in Aug followed by Andrea’s birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Daddy’s  birthday, Buddy Walk celebration,  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and many things in between… and by the end of it all, I had added about –gulp-  15 additional pounds. Yikes

While physically I was miserable and my self-image suffered, overall I was very content and happy with life. My kids were healthy; my marriage wonderful, life was great. I was able to eat whatever I wanted; life had never tasted so good. And who had time to workout when my spare time was spent loving on my kids and Daddy. It was simply not a priority. 

Till the scale almost reached the same number as that same day I went into the hospital back in August 2009.  Then it was an eye opener that I could not continue anymore.
I tried a few times to diet and workout… never lasted longer than 2 weeks. I re
ally had to sit myself down and have a heart to heart with myself (talking to yourself isn’t that bad…) 

I am happy to announce that we are finally getting somewhere.  I’ve lost about 10lbs so far in the past 4-6 weeks.

Once again I am doing the carb cycling diet. Its pretty much what it sounds like, one day low carb, one day zero carb, one day all the carbs you want. Of course you are limited to what the carbs you eat. Brown rice, oats, lentils and starchier veggies are the only allowed carbs, even on the high carb days. Thankfully I happen to love brown rice, oatmeal and black beans. So the diet works perfectly with me. You are suppose to eat 5-6 times a day, unlimited amounts of lean protein at each meal. A small pc of fruit with your carbs when you do have carbs. Simple eh?
No not quite, it takes a lot of planning and eating. I don’t have time to eat 5-6 times  day. Or to make sure what lean proteins I am going to eat. But I am trying the best I can.

And I cannot get into the same workout routine I used to have. I hate running now! I HATE IT! I hate my treadmill! SO HIIT hasn’t worked for me this time around. In case you didn’t google HIIT already and are curious: You do a 3-5 min warm up on the treadmill, at a comfortable pace followed by 30-45seconds of an all out sprint as fast as you can possibly run (without passing out!) then you take it back down for about a minute or two to a moderate pace and repeat. Sounds simple - once again, NO! It is a killer! You cant do more than 15 mins the first time. It’s a great workout for busting fat on limited amount of time. Theory is your body goes in oxygen debt and works harder to replenish the oxygen, thus your burning fat throughout the day.  You want proof - look at sprinter’s bodies and how lean they are. If you like running and have a limited amount of time, this is for you! 

AND I cant stand Jillian this time around.. and dumbbells have lost their shine. I needed something new this time around. Someone on Facebook mentioned Kettleworx and I gave it a try. I was off and on with it. I couldn’t even complete an entire 20 minute session. I used to think Kettlworx was SO impossible. Yes, even the lousy 5lb kettlebell (don’t laugh at me!) was difficult to work with! BUT I felt I needed a heavier KB.

Cruising the workout aisles are Target one day looking for a new KB, all I could find was Bob Harper’s KB’s. So I grabbed the 10lb Kb and gave it a try. It came with a 30 min video. Once again I huffed and puffed at the video and was never able to finish the video. For some reason, back to Target I go and buy Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Cardio Shred (or whatever it is called).  Well I’ve stucked to that 50 min video, doing between 20-40 mins of it a day (most days, the most I have gone without was 4 days during Easter and I still  lost weight that week). Now I can easily do a KW and that 30 min Bob video. Them KW DVD’s are actually a joke now.

I love that I get my cardio out of KB as well as getting some great definition on my legs and rear –thanks to all the squats and lunges. 

After doing some research on KB I have come to realize that that both Bob and Kettleworx are horrible for KB training. Forms are off and instructions are lousy.You can really injure yourself, so please be cautious! If you are tempted to do either one, I would go straight to Bob’s DVD. Actually, if you are REALLY tempted I would go straight here: On the Edge Fitness 
She also has a blog: Lauren's Blog.  I am fascinated with her body! I know I will never have a body like hers, but she is definitely an inspiration (she is also the mother of two little ones). 

I hope you continue to follow me in this journey and watch me shrink! hopefully inspire some of you other momma's out there to join me!


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  1. Good job! Losing weight and getting in shape is such hard work! Something I really need to work on too. :)


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