Monday, March 5, 2012

-We are Alive - Just sick and busy

Ok, so I have been a little behind… ok ok -a WHOLE lot behind on blogging!

As usual, life gets hectic sometimes. But I can handle hectic, what I cannot handle are illnesses and injuries. For the past 3 or so weeks the husband has had a (suspected) pinched nerve at the back of his neck. He has seen two doctors and that is what each doctor believes is the culprit. Only an xray will reveal if it is more than just a pinched nerve and we might have to go that route in the next couple of weeks if this pain doesn’t ease up.

Then Ethan just got over an ear infection.. which means we never made it back to the ENT to push for them tubes. Ugh, what a kick in the butt (I am kicking myself there). But I just cannot handle all of these doctors appointments! I promised myself that this year I would use my paid time off for actual VACATION time… and already, by the beginning of March I already used about 5 days!!! FIVE DAYS!!!! (I think, I am not too sure, at this point I am just too depressed to go over my time, it could be less than five days, I like to exaggerate sometimes…sometimes)

So I put off the ENT to save me some time, but in the end I only lost more time.
ENT is my next top priority.
I promise.

We also visited an Endocrinologist for his thyroid since his last test in October revealed he had slightly elevated TSH levels. Everything else is normal though.  I think I’ll just leave this discussion for another time… all I have to say for now is this is so frustrating that when it comes to our children with Ds, many doctors dismiss certain things. I don’t care how it compares to a typical child, my child had DOWN SYNDROME and his thyroid being slightly off is a big thing.

Ethan was home for a whole week (with Grandma) while he fought his nasty ear infection. He has NEVER been this sick before. He was at his grumpiest, whiniest, most irritable self. Yesterday was the first day I could actually see my little boy. My sweet, handsome charming boy. I missed him.

And now I have a cold. (or something). My throat is sore and I am at mucus overload over here.

I really should go to the doctor to make sure I do not have strep or tonsillitis, but once again, when will I ever get to use my PTO for an actual vacation.

(Spring Break is next week… and sadly for the Saldana’s, there will be no fun. NO SB vacation, instead it will be a SB Home-cation. Booo!)

….and now I am just rambling, so I will just leave you with some pictures of my oh-so-adorable kids.

-oh wait, I also forgot to mention another reason I have been away is I decided to pursue the whole photography business… but for real REAL. I am still growing and evolving (and always learning), but I truly love it. I mean I LOVE it. It feeds my soul in so many ways, it is unbelievable. is the website (or come “like “ me on Facebook TGE ON FACEBOOK. Yes TGE! Two Girls and Ethan! Ha, how clever! Because without them, I wouldn’t be me. Of course I want to photograph it all, but I truly enjoy working with couples, tweens/teens and I LOVE BOUDOIR! I did my first sessions this weekend. SO. MUCH. FUN. Check it out! I believe it (Boudoir) is a truly empowering thing to do for yourself, I encourage all women, no matter your age or body type to go for it, we are all truly beautiful beings. (so with that being said, be careful when you go to my website as the most current blog entry is the boudoir session and if you are sensitive to overly sexy material, that will be one of the first things you see - but it is tasteful and fun.)

…and now back to the kids- Well, you know you live in Houston when we have Go Texan day! It is the first Friday of the Cook-off… which is the kick off to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo here. And that is only a BIG deal here in Houston. So every Houstonian (ok, not EVERY, but a lot) gets all geared up in their western ware and we get on our horses or our big trucks -really. No, I am just kidding, not every Houstonian owns a horse…. Or a truck.  
 So for Go Texan Day, the kids got all dressed up (and me too!), Ethan in his John Deere Boots and cowboy hat.
 OHHHHH-WEEEEEE---- Look at that cowboy!

 They had a “cowboy breakfast” at school and had a cowboy come sing some western, out in the range type of songs… ahaha… yeah, for real. They had pancakes and sausage, all of which Ethan does NOT eat.

They brought in some ponies at school and the kids were able to pet them. I think Ethan though it was a big dog and he LOVED the pony! Half of the kids were scared. 

Then that Saturday I rallied my buckaroos and went to the Rodeo Parade in Downtown Houston. We tied our horses on the side of the street……..(heehee!) and enjoyed the parade! 


so, that has been life for now.. Good, with some hiccups along the way. 


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  1. Your kids looks so cute in their cowboy hats!! I love it! And that first picture of Ethan by the pony, haha, to darn cute, I love the look on his face.
    I checked out your Boudior session on FB yesterday. I thought you did a beautiful job with it Erika.


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