Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin farm and tshirt scarves -oh what fun!

I have a few posts brewing in my head... laziness has just taken over. It's finally cooling down a bit and I want nothing more to do than do nothing!

Finally got my internet to work at home, I am not sure what triggered it to work, I was completely frustrated, calling the internet company (comcast) was NO help and I was just about to stomp on my laptop until magically, there was an internet connection made! Yay!

Last Sunday we celebrated our friends twin's 8th birthday, one of which has Down syndrome, at a pumpkin patch. I dont know what we were thinking (or not thinking) going there with no stroller. Ethan was a complete brat and refused to cooperate, only  wanting to be carried and constantly fussing. On top of a cranky 2 year old it was HOT, but it still was an awesome time. And because of his bad attitude I did not get to take the pictures I had envisioned in my head.

Dewberry Farm - Brookshire, Tx

 My most favorite picture of all, Ethan with the ray of light over him.

A great time!

Crafty Mom's Club

Remember the crafty mom club thing I told you guys about, well we had our last session on Thursday were we made tshirt scarves

It was pretty fun and I am sure by the end of fall we are going to be rocking so many scarves, not to mention there wont be a tshirt that will be safe in the house.

                                       I made a braided scarf.
                                  (ignore the hair! I had no                                        desire to be straightening  my                               hair this week!)

My dear friends, more than just coworkers! Anabel - who did the loopy chain one, and Susie who made the stringy loopy one... I just made up those names for the scarves... whatever the heck they are called. 
 and bonus! I also made a bracelet... I am just pure awesomeness...sometimes.


  1. The picture of the three kids and the corn has me cracking up. Looks like Ethan is saying "Why God, Why!?!" LOL We love Dewberry!


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