Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Love Day. So what is wrong with a Holiday that is all about love? You don’t have to be married or  be in a relationship to enjoy your day. Celebrate the ones you love! A sweet gesture, a piece of candy, a note saying how much you appreciate them -something simple that will definitely bring a smile to someone’s heart.

TO ME, valentine’s day is not about me and my husband… I love him dearly and he loves me in a beautiful way (because I said so -haha!). We have other moments together to show each other what we mean to one another and show our love… But for my kids, it’s an extra special day to give them a sweet little gift and add an extra sparkle in their day.

And an extra day to show my girl friends how much I treasure our friendships! I had a lovely lunch with a couple of girlfriends and exchange gifts, totally made each other’s day.

Ethan made sure he spread his love today!
He made a Valentine for a classmate last night.

 NO, he didnt just want to show off all that hunkyness, we were working with paint,

 so that requires a shirtless little guy **WHISTLE**

 putting so much thought and love into his Valentine

 He is such a lover boy!

Happy Valentines, from my little love monster!