Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ethan's Jackrabbits Wristbands! Order YOURS!

Our 1st FUNDRAISER  is here! 

Please purchase a Ethan’s Jackrabbits wristband!
Embossed with Ehtan’s Jackrabbits on one side and Buddy Walk 2010 on the other side.

Profits go back to our team.

They are going to be $3 ea or 2 for $5 (shipping is a $1), but buy them now for $2.50 ea.  regardless of  one or  more!

Or send your payments using paypal to:
And specify on the notes what sizes.  
Child, Medium , and Large
Child’s size is SMALL! I suggest for children 4 and under.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This past Father’s day..

This past Father’s day, I honored my husband.
A real father.

My childhood was very different from most others. I cant really say I know what it is to have a father. I did and I do have someone to call dad. I respect him for being my father. I respect my step father as well for helping to provide for us.  And we'll leave it at that.

But for my children, I want them to experience the beauty of love from their father. The way it should be.

-To my amazing husband,
The man who I’ve seen feel every emotion under the sun.
Who would give up his left arm and even his right, just to see his babies smile.
You are a beautiful soul, with every right intention in your heart.

Thank you for giving my children everything in your power possible. For loving them unconditionally.
You loved Gabby when you didn’t have to. You love Andrea even after she has tested your patience and you love Ethan. …You love Ethan, simply, just like that….
You are a great man, greater than you know.
I love you. I appreciate you.

And I honor you, not just on one designated day, but every day, for the rest of our lives.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ethan’s Jackrabbits!

Buddy Walk! Here we go again!

Well I have yet to make the official announcement but I am already on the GO!

Last year we raised almost $1000 in just 2-3 short weeks! I am FOR SURE we can triple that amount this year.

I have ordered 300 silicon awareness type of bracelets for our team as a fundraiser. They will bring in lots of money, so I hope we can sell all, plus maybe even put in another order. It will make us a amazing net profit!

Other projects in the works are:

A few raffles –

Garage Sale

Chocolate Sale

And I am even considering a lemonade sale in front of an HEB or such.

Any ideas are very much accepted as well! AND any donated services or items to raffle would also be marvelous! (cleaning services, Tupperware baskets, Mary Kay basket/ Avon… anything!)

The Buddy Walk® has three primary goals:

-To promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome;

-To raise funds for education, research and advocacy programs; and

-To enhance the position of the Down syndrome community, enabling us to

positively influence local and national policy and practice.

We hope everyone can somehow take part. I hope you understand that you are making a difference in the lives of people like Ethan. There is nothing that I want more than for my son to be valued and treated just like any other person in society. Though he might experience some delays, he will posses great abilities and talents, just like we all do.

Most of the money raised goes back to our local DSAH. DSAH has provided us with support, programs and services that have strengthen our hearts and minds, making us better parents and stronger advocates. DSAH also provides various programs for all people with Down syndrome.

Ethan is the heartbeat in my chest, and I want the world to know that. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for this little boy. No road is too long, and no road is too harsh.

Motivation is made up of dreams… and Ethan, you are my dream come true.

Please register to walk for our team, or make a donation to Ethan’s Jackrabbits. I encourage everyone to make a donation, even if you only have $5. WE ALL HAVE $5 at some point. I know financially, for us, this has been a real rough year, but I can still manage to come up with $5, even if that means sacrificing lunch one day, or skipping something I know I can manage without for one week. Sacrifice those couple of beers or cokes one day, that pack of cigarettes, lunch, those few snacks from the vending machine! For one week –just sacrifice one thing.

Go to and search for our team.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our heart, from deep down our souls, thank you all!


Erika and Ethan’s Jackrabbits

Monday, June 14, 2010

You dont have to understand me, but please RESPECT me

(daddy holding Ethan... wearing his Spread the Word to End the Word Shirt...)

Sometimes it’s like I am this tape recorder and constantly repeating myself…

That I myself get tired of myself! BUT I just can’t accept it! I can’t accept that my friends and family continue to use the R-word. Nor will I ever accept it. I just cannot. And you wouldn’t either if you were in my shoes.

I say, we can all stay friends, we can continue to have good times, but at not at the expense of my son’s “medical” condition.

Here is it is, plain and simple:

Because Ethan has Down Syndrome, his IQ will fall somewhere in the lower than average range, so he will be labeled “mentally retarded”. So when you think you are being cute and funny by calling yourself/friends/people/things “retarded” and implying they are stupid and/or dumb, well take a look at my son, IS HE STUPID. I think not. And I don’t care if the word is used as slang these days, the word still means what it means, just like the color RED is the color RED and nothing will change that.

Please know that this word HAUNTS me and it hurts to hear it from friends and family.

Every day I try to run away from this word, every single day it pops out of people’s mouth, some who know no better, some who do know better.

I try so hard to not be offended… but my heart is what becomes offended. My heart aches every time someone misuses the word. It’s the one word that will always set my son apart, the one word that will make my son different.

It will bring me to tears, it will bring his sisters to tears, as they one day will stand up for their brother as well.

I might not understand you, but I respect you, and your children,… I respect you and your choices and life. I respect you.

You might not understand what I feel, but I ask you to respect me and to respect my son.


The last month in pictures!

Too many things happened last month. From Prek graduation for my little Andrea
to my other baby (Gabby) girl’s 9th birthday. (though that was on June 1st)
My baby girls, I wonder if they will ever know how much they mean to me. The sacrifices I make for these children… times have been a little difficult. It has been the 2 most difficult years in our lives, financially. But we are surviving one way or another, that’s what parents do, they make things happen. Yup, I even had to take a 401k loan just to make it happen for Gabby, just so she could enjoy a day with her friends and give her a birthday to remember. We could have (desperately) used that money on other pending matters, but her birthday is too precious not to celebrate.  Sacrifices are what gives you the right to call yourself a mother or father. Remember the sacrifice our Father made.

May also brought Ethan’s 1st trip to the beach,
and 1st time in a pool!
May was a busy month, but a good month. Every month is a good month. As long as I get to wake up to see my children, there will never be a bad day.
Motherhood, I love it.
Now we are halfway through June, and time isn’t slowing down. We are a week away from Ethan’s 10 months. 10 months. God has blessed us with the 10 best months of our lives. Life has never been richer and so fulfilling. God must REALLY love me, I tell you.