Monday, November 28, 2011

Just an awesome weekend -Thanksgiving and RenFest

 Lately I find myself blogging less and less about Down syndrome. Believe me, it’s not that I have forgotten about Down syndrome or that I refuse to talk about it now. Every day that I look into my son’s face it looks right back at me – Down syndrome. But Ethan is now 28 months old (2years 4months for those lazy ones that don’t want to do the math) and it is just part of life. Everything is just harmonious and fallen beautifully into place.

I still have the same super strong deep feelings about Down syndrome and Ethan and others just like him. There are (many) nights where it’s just Daddy and me up talking about Ethan and what a blessing he is. I cant ever imagine a day without my little guy. I love the girls with all of my heart and soul, there is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for them girls…. But for Ethan, I’ll probably come back from the dead for him.

I am so thankful that God chose me as his mommy, He knew what he was doing way before I could even accept it.

-Speaking of thankfulness, we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year with my sister in laws (& their families) and my parent in laws. Sadly my family couldn’t make it since my mom somehow has to work EVERY single Thanksgiving. Booooo.

It was still a very nice dinner with (TOO  MUCH) awesome food. 

I guess it isn't Thanksgiving if you dont throw a football around.
 Andrea and her cousin Stephen.

The boys. 

Family fun continued on Friday –nope, no Black Friday shopping this year, as we spend the day at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where the eating continued. I have ate SO much since Thursday that I am SURE I can go on without eating for like 3 weeks!

TRF is full of all sorts of fun and people watching at its greatest. You know it is bad when your 7yr old starts pointing out what “is messed up”....ahaha!

But it was a blast!

The girls were able to get some sibling frustration out.....

rode on Neptune's swing....

 (that's my friend's daughter, Victoria...brave little one!)
 jumped on the trampoline...

 This was Gabby's first year doing this... this is a big thing for her because she is a big chicken!
 And Ethan and daddy were able to ride a big fake horse.....

 ..that's little Prince Charming there.... for those of you that dont know.

and we also got  in on the fun trying to climb this rope ladder... I swear it looks so easy -but it isnt!

for the record, I did much better than Daddy.
Dont believe what he tells you!

And another great thing, Santa Daddy just bought me an early Christmas gift! A Canon EF Lens - 50 mm - F/1.8 - Canon EF!
 I am always using my 75-300mm lens since it takes better pics than the generic 18-55 lens it comes with.So I am excited to be able to take better close ups without having to back up a mile!

In other news, The Houston Buddy Walk  is this Saturday! Dec 3, at the Diamond Lot at Minute Maid Park, one mile walk around the block of Minute Maid Park. Not too late to register or donate! Hope to see you guys there! Thank you all for the support!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Practicing my photography skills

Photography has always been a passion of mine... really! I took photography in HS and even worked processing film at Ritz camera at one point... but the truth is - I SUCK! 

And its something I would like to pursue one day, so I been practicing with the kiddies and anyone else willing to pose for me! I've been reading up on the technical stuff as well. Honestly it all seems like Japanese at the moment, even though at one point of my life I knew pretty much every feature on the camera... then I got old and it all turned into useless information. Time to relearn how to ride a bike!

Over the weekend my sister and law kindly agreed to be my guinea pig along with her crew... and I totally see why some photographers don't photograph children at all! But I love taking pictures of children especially when they are innocently at play, so I need lots of practice (and patience!).

The Melchor gang!

what - how did he get there! oh,.... that is right, he was sabatoging the entire photo shoot, trying to get in on the pictures!
well  since he is already taking part in the fun, here are some pictures of Ethan and the girls,

and dont let the smiles fool you! The kid was only cooperative for the first 3 minutes!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Friday

Just thought these were some super cute pics of Ethan and I just HAD to share.

We went to Ethan's cousin's 1st Birthday party last weekend, were Ethan had an amazing time and was able to experience his first time hitting a pinata. 

I can just hear him... "oh chit"... yes, the only phrase he knows how to say...

with his beloved grandma....

and of mommy and daddy last night.. at a fundraiser for Ethan's school last light.. just cause we look good! ahaha! And since I am losing weight and feeling great I took my hair back to what it used to be, short layers on top and front and dark! I love it!