Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - For Sophia to meet her mom

I know I am blessed… even on bad days, I am blessed.

I am grateful to have my children –safe and sound under my arms, loved and cared for by me every single day.

All you parents out there, you know what I am talking about. I don’t have to go into details of what I feel, because most obviously you all feel the same. And for those of you that have children with Down syndrome or some other condition or different ability, you know exactly what it is to love a child that the world deems to be different.

I am thankful to have my children and to be able to cherish and love them daily.

One day I hope to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Emotionally we are there, financially –not even close. 

I am extremely moved by those that do adopt, especially children with special needs. Then there are people like my friend Megan, who is a single mother and is in the process of bringing her sweet Sophia home from Eastern Europe.
Sweet Sophia is slightly older than Ethan and also has Down syndrome. Megan has SO much money to raise before she has to travel, an outrages amount of money, but I know that with God everything is possible.

To some of you that means nothing, but to me that means the world. That a woman could love a child so much… a women that doesn’t have any biological children, yet she chose to adopt this sweet precious girl that is so much like my son. That moves me to tears and I am grateful that Megan has been moved and touched by God to bring this precious child home.  

There are times that I am at home and wrestling and tickling Ethan, and as I hear his sweet laughter that radiates through my body, occasionally, I think of Megan, I think about all of these little laughs she does not get with Sophia and I yearn for her to feel the same wave of love.

I wish I could do more for Megan.

All I can do is share her story and blog (My Journey of The Heart is her blog). I hope you can consider donating to her adoption fund. A generous person has offered to match donations up to $1000 between now and Thanksgiving. I hope you can give at least FIVE DOLLARS ($5)… your $5 will then be matched and be $10. Five dollars is saving a life. I beg for you to PLEASE consider.

Thank you –deeply,

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