Monday, November 7, 2011

I am a slacker - no doubt

Oh – My – Goodness – Did I just drop off the face of the Blogger World…???

Nah,  I’ve just been slacking. I am a slacker.

So the hubby was sick, Ethan was sick, I have been sick… and finally the world is coming together! Yay!

Obviously I FAILED with the whole 31 for 21. But the important thing to remember is that we, us parents of a child with Down syndrome, do not have to blog everyday to raise awareness. Everyday that we wake up we are raising awareness by our actions. I encourage you all to live positively and happily.  And that my friends, is something I live by (even on the days that I am down and whining, I manage to get over my fits and turn my days around.)

Halloween was awesome! I took that Friday off of work to spend the majority of my day at Ethan’s school. They had a parade in the morning, followed by a party in the afternoon. 
Ethan was an Oompa Loompa… and definitely the talk of the day!
 Oompa Loompa wedgies are awesome!

Crying at the party... he wasn't too happy about eating cookies or caramel apples -he's a weird kid I tell you!

The rest of the weekend was just one whole amazing time. Gathering of Friends (DSAH – Down Syndrome of Houston annual festival) on Sunday. 

 We like ponies....
 No, never mind, we don’t like ponies afterall…

 Comparison from last year:
Originally Ethan was going to be a cowboy, but that just seemed so generic and usual... but he did get to wear his Cowboy costume for Sunday when we went TrunkorTreating.
-with his super cute Kitty cousins.
 Cutest cowboy ever!

For Halloween we always go to a festival instead of actual trick or treating, just seems safe compared to actually  being out in the streets. 
 We entered Ethan in the Halloween costume contest, but it was RIGGED and he didnt even win at all! Some stinky Flamingo, Sock Monkey, 50's girls won... (yes, I am a sore loser! so what!)

 -seriously....a  stinky flamingo beat this uber cute Oompa Loompa! 

 My Bumble Bee and Indian girl... precious girls of mine!

and our annual Halloween pic we take each year for the past 5 yrs... (except last year)

So that sums up what Halloween was like. FUN.

I took the girls to see Taylor Swift in concert (thanks to DSAH for providing the tickets) this past Saturday…. Had a blast! Will share those pics tomorrow!

Until then – Have a great day people!


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