Thursday, November 10, 2011

The month of giving thanks - Holiday Decor

I know I haven’t been too up to date with this whole Thanksgiving thing, but seriously I already had a head start than most of you since I started working on my Thanksgiving crafts the weekend before Halloween! So HA! And rest assured, I am very thankful for many things, today and every day.

And since it has just been confirmed, Thanksgiving will be at our house, I am working on a few extra touches to add to the house. We havent had Thanksgiving at our house for maybe 5 or 6 years, so yeah I am excited.  That also means something is brewing that hopefully my guest will enjoy (insert evil laugh!!!). I am just giddy with the thoughts of some of the things I want to do! And it all needs to be done by this weekend, because then it is time to start working on Christmas stuff! (Dear Hubby, we need to work on the play room so I can work on my craft section so I can stop crafting in the kitchen and living room….)

-And speaking of the Husband, today is his birthday! Happy Birthday HUNBUN. Thank you so much, especially these last few days, I am very proud of you and you know I LOVE you dearly. XOoXXxxOo (Nacho Libre…hehe)

I surprised him at work today with Jack in the Box breakfast, along with 2 chocolate overload cakes from there! Some of you might think, “WHAT, JIB??? Seriously??? Is that all you can do…?” And the answer is yes. I work full time, I have limited time to cook or bake, I have to take the girls to school at 7:30am then drop off Ethan off at his school, then try to be at work by 8:30am. And the husband is very grateful for the things I do manage to do, like breakfast this morning because he knows how hectic our lives are. He’s pretty awesome for being so understanding of our circumstances and not being one of those overly demanding husbands that expects you to be in the kitchen all day long, even though you have a full time job as well. Yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy.

Here is a peak of how things are coming along.. .I also have a “thankful” banner I made…somewhere else in the house. There is no spellcheck when you use a pencil to write words… so originally my banner said “THANKFULL” yup, it did.( I am thinking a Thanksgiving tree under the turkeys...)
I had seen this (the turkey family) on Pinterest,

and I remembered I had just found this picture frame in the entryway closet and we went to work! Each family member traced their hands and we colored them to look like Turkey’s. Of course Ethan had to be placed after his Daddy, that is Daddy’s shadow.  My super cute turkeys!

 I made the big medallion thing by rolling card stock into cones and gluing it all together. I am going to add more of the little fan ones.

Pictures of us I edited and framed. I LOVE. (I even made a tshirt flower and taped it on the frame. I made it while watching American Horror Story... anyone else watch that show?...creepy!)
 My house is like a cave and everything is so friggin dark! 
Here is what this picture looks like:

This one is also framed, but its away from this area... I regret going so dark on it, but I still dig the picture!
There is seriously something about being able to use things related to my family to use as décor that totally just rocks my socks… along with handmade crafty stuff…

Today, I am thankful for Pinterest!


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