Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Practicing my photography skills

Photography has always been a passion of mine... really! I took photography in HS and even worked processing film at Ritz camera at one point... but the truth is - I SUCK! 

And its something I would like to pursue one day, so I been practicing with the kiddies and anyone else willing to pose for me! I've been reading up on the technical stuff as well. Honestly it all seems like Japanese at the moment, even though at one point of my life I knew pretty much every feature on the camera... then I got old and it all turned into useless information. Time to relearn how to ride a bike!

Over the weekend my sister and law kindly agreed to be my guinea pig along with her crew... and I totally see why some photographers don't photograph children at all! But I love taking pictures of children especially when they are innocently at play, so I need lots of practice (and patience!).

The Melchor gang!

what - how did he get there! oh,.... that is right, he was sabatoging the entire photo shoot, trying to get in on the pictures!
well  since he is already taking part in the fun, here are some pictures of Ethan and the girls,

and dont let the smiles fool you! The kid was only cooperative for the first 3 minutes!



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  1. First off you don't "suck". These pictures are really cute! I know how you feel though. I have a passion for photography and hope to start a business one day too. It's hard because it does take a lot of practice and sometimes I think my kiddos get sick of having a camera in their face all day ;)


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