Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert & A Rather Embarrassing Confession - Weight

This year, our Buddy Walk will be held at Minute Maid Park on December 3 (in the Diamond Lot, outside of Minute Maid Park.) So having our BW there has had some perks! One being that they provided DSAH with Taylor Swift tickets for last Saturday! Woohoo! I was able to take my girls and baby sister to the ever-so-awesome concert.

Gabby was over the moon about going! It was definitely a great concert, TS definitely put on a theatrical type of show. Andrea was not so fascinated and fell asleep (eh, what do you expect from a 7yr old) but Gabby rocked on the entire night. She sang just about every song and screamed till she almost turned blue.

Me and the girls haven't had a night out like that in a while and I definitely appreciate being able to have some girl time with my girlies. Especially with Gabby who is just growing faster than any parent ever wants their baby to grow up. She is a beautiful child with a heart of gold. She impresses me with her words and actions. I pray that God continues to give me the strength and wisdom to effectively raise this child and I pray that God guides her in her journey as well. 
Isn't she just too cute!!! Ahhh... I hope them boys stay away for another 10yrs!

and my baby girl... that fell asleep!

Guest appearance, Nelly - singing Just a Dream.

We appreciate all that DSAH does for us and our community, thank you all for your support! MUCH appreciated!

*Weight – A rather embarrassing confession

Well I have been blogging off and on about my weight loss (or the lack of it). I was on a mission to lose 10lbs by my 30th birthday (in one month) which was on October 6. Well that DID NOT happen. There was way too much going on in life to concentrate and dedicate myself to weight loss. So I probably lost 2lbs by then. Which is better than nothing.

Not until the week of October 24 was I able to really focus on myself. I tried for a few days off and on before then, and got a few work outs in, but nothing major happened, of course nothing was going to happen if I didnt do this 100%.

But as of today, I am 6lbs lighter than I was back on October 24!! And that is something to be extremely proud of!

I will confess, I had reached my most ultimate heaviest weight at the beginning of this year. The holidays hit me hard last year and I will take full responsibility for my (unnecessary) pigging out and drinking too many holiday drinks!

I probably weigh in at what I was weighing the day I went in to give birth to Ethan. Yes. Embarrassing for sure.

The year we decided to conceive Ethan I was at my healthiest and leanest weight ever, at 134lbs, in a size 4 –feeling incredibly good about myself. But I was overly consumed by working out. I was working out for about an hour – 1.5 after work, I didn’t get home until almost 6 and the kids went to bed at 8pm, so there was hardly any family time left with my children. I was circuit training with weights and doing HIIT workouts… I was a monster. My children and husband came in after my obsession.

Then my pregnancy with Ethan was rather emotional. With the high risk of miscarriage and then the markers for Down syndrome, I didn’t want to be worrying over irrelevant things such as my weight and whether I was eating according to my diet and if I worked out or not.

After Ethan was born I was weighing in between 155-160 and I could wear a size 10, sometimes an 8. Breast feeding made it difficult to diet and workout properly, as soon as I ate less my milk production would drop and I decided to not stress over it much until I finished nursing Ethan. I say “nursing”, the truth is the kid never latched on only to soothe himself, I pumped like a cow for 10 months.  

By Ethan’s 1st birthday I did weigh in at 150lbs, but that was short lived with all the birthdays that followed and then the holidays. By the beginning of the new year, I was at an outrages weight. I couldn’t even zip up my size 10’s.

So off and on since March of this year, I have been dieting and working out… I managed to stay at around 166 and I kind of become stuck at that weight, sometimes a pound or two less or more. I have lost between 10-15lbs lbs since the beginning of the year. It is really hard to say since at one point I refused to even go on the scale at all and no telling at what my actual weight was.

But this morning, I can officially say that I am back in the 150’s! 159 this morning! We are making progress.

I do not know how I ever lost control over my weight. And this is all really embarrassing to confess to the world, and especially my husband who reads my blog, I am just glad that he loves me for me and the support that he gives me, whether I take a break from working out or I am hardcore dieting and working out.

By the end of the year I hope to be in the 140’s, even if it is 149. By the end of this month I hope to be at 155. I KNOW I can do it. I’ve done it before. I have been getting 30min workouts in on most days and that is pretty manageable without it overly consuming my life. And if I want to increase that time I will have to wake up early so I do not take time away from my family. It’s all about finding the perfect balance and having the determination and will power to do it.

Sometimes we don’t think we have the will power…but it is there, deep down inside and we have to reach in deep and go for it.

I know this is a topic that a lot of us women face, and it can lead us to feel so desperate and depressed but it’s certainly something we can take control over. If you are going through this, YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t get lost in the feeling of desperation, it will overwhelm you.

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all –why? Because my underwear were loose and were rather uncomfortable! Yes, I just made another embarrassing confession but I rather my underwear be loose than tight! And I want you all to join me in the My Underwear Are No Longer Tight Club.hehe!



  1. YAY for you!!! It is so hard I know it first hand! I also am down about 5 lbs since Halloween! My goal is about 145 or so... keep up the good work, as for my underwear, I have plenty of pairs that have not fit me in years, so I will just start wearing those :-)

  2. Good for you Erika!! I have been trying pretty hard to get into better shape to lately. Its been hard because in my 20's I never even had to try...30's...That has been a different story!! I think the most depressing thing for me is I weigh more now than I did right after Russell was born. But I am determined and so far have managed to jog every single morning for the past month!!! And THAT is an accomplishment for me!!! I don't usually stay consistent. Anyway, great job!

    Loved the pictures on your last post. You have such a beautiful family. Love how the blog looks too...I love the wood on the side and the color :)


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