Monday, June 14, 2010


The last month in pictures!

Too many things happened last month. From Prek graduation for my little Andrea
to my other baby (Gabby) girl’s 9th birthday. (though that was on June 1st)
My baby girls, I wonder if they will ever know how much they mean to me. The sacrifices I make for these children… times have been a little difficult. It has been the 2 most difficult years in our lives, financially. But we are surviving one way or another, that’s what parents do, they make things happen. Yup, I even had to take a 401k loan just to make it happen for Gabby, just so she could enjoy a day with her friends and give her a birthday to remember. We could have (desperately) used that money on other pending matters, but her birthday is too precious not to celebrate.  Sacrifices are what gives you the right to call yourself a mother or father. Remember the sacrifice our Father made.

May also brought Ethan’s 1st trip to the beach,
and 1st time in a pool!
May was a busy month, but a good month. Every month is a good month. As long as I get to wake up to see my children, there will never be a bad day.
Motherhood, I love it.
Now we are halfway through June, and time isn’t slowing down. We are a week away from Ethan’s 10 months. 10 months. God has blessed us with the 10 best months of our lives. Life has never been richer and so fulfilling. God must REALLY love me, I tell you.

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