Monday, July 12, 2010

Army Crawling...

Well it happened… Mr. Gordos has decided to show mommy what he is made off!

Last week, he started army crawling.

Yup, just like that, from ONE day to ANOTHER… he surprised me.

I was just starting to think, ok, maybe Ethan will not crawl before his birthday. And I accepted it. IF that was what it was going to be, then so be it!  (hey, that is the best attitude to have, cause then surprises like these just completely catch you off guard and leave you speechless and eyes full of tears.)

I got home, (last Thursday ) and Santiago tells me, “my mom said he is doing real good going frontwards”… confused me, “what do you mean going frontwards?”
He quickly ran to get an old rug out and throw it on the hardwood floor in the living room. I had just mentioned to him that my mother in law had said that the physical therapist suggested we let him practice on soft surfaces to encourage him to crawl. (my mother in law watches our kids during the week and she is present for the physical therapy)

Who would have thought that this stinky old, spit up stained  (thanks to the Gordo himself!) rug would have done the trick.

We put a few items in front of him to motivate him to come frontward… and just like that, he pushed his little legs under him and pulled his little chubby hands frontwards and moved! He MOVED FRONTWARDS!
Like a little soldier pulling himself through the battle field, Ethan pulled himself across the living room.

I knew Ethan would get here someday, and he did. He’ll start crawling on all fours when he is ready as well. One day, he’ll just pick himself  up and crawl on all fours.

I just had (have) to believe in him.

And be realistic as well. Understand that your child WILL crawl and WILL walk. But when they are ready. We can work with them every day, countless hours a week, but only our babies know when they can get “there”. This doesn’t mean to not work with them, just don’t stress.
I always knew that Ethan had the strength to do this and many other things, but he didn’t really have the coordination. We cant force coordination on them.

SO to all the mammas out there, be patient.
Your baby will get there. In the meantime, enjoy that your baby isn’t running or crawling away from you! Cause once they start, they wont hold back!

(the old rug... that came out of retirement... ewww....I know!)

and his proud sissies!

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