Friday, August 27, 2010

MY PLEA – Buddy Walk

I have a son with Down syndrome. A chromosome disorder that cannot be cured. This is the only little Ethan I will ever know, and this is the life Ethan will ever know.

I love my son with every single ounce of love inside of me, with every breath, with all my might.

Thanks to the Down Syndrome Association of Houston, I have been able to overcome many fears.
They have provided us with courses on raising a child with disabilities. They have opened their doors to social events, where we have made lifelong friendships. Monthly meetings full of many resources and answers to difficult situations. Gymboree classes for Ethan to play in a therapeutic manner. Music classes, art classes, computer classes! SO many resources available for people just like my son, and even his sisters who have been able to take part.

I still remember walking into the Resource Center for the very first time. With newborn Ethan in my arms. (heck they have a picture of that very day on the DSAH website!) I remember being so nervous my first time there. I remember my first monthly meeting, and how my eyes swelled with tears as we were embraced by everyone, and I knew I was “home”. I knew that with the support of this great organization and its great members, other people JUST like me with a child JUST like Ethan, that my journey wouldn’t be so rough.  Parents of children older than Ethan, parents who have already shed the same tears as I have, parents who have shed tears that I yet haven’t.  The pioneers who have fought battles I will soon face and hopefully thanks to them, my battle won’t be so bloody.
I know there will be many other battles to overcome in this journey and I know I will be able to turn to DSAH for guidance and resources. Along the way, I will hold hands with other mothers, along the way I will guide others. I will cry, I will console , I will learn, I will grow.

And I need your help.

DSAH is a non-profit organization.
Donations from generous people like you is what keeps these great services and programs going.

Will you please make a donation to our Buddy Walk team, Ethan’s Jackrabbits?

If you can only afford $2-$5, it will make a difference.

Register to walk, it is FREE and it comes with a shirt! And while you are registering, it wouldn’t hurt to donate just a dollar. It’s quick, it’s easy. And if ONE dollar is all you have, we will gladly accept it. Secure payment through paypal, and you DO NOT need a paypal account, just a credit card.

By walking you are standing up for those just like Ethan. Bringing awareness to individuals with Ds, and their right to inclusion and acceptance. Acceptance in such a harsh world.

I am asking for you to sacrifice 2-3hours of one day. Will you please walk by my son’s side, and stand up for my son and his peers.

If you where in my shoes, wouldn’t you want others to support you. Wouldn’t you want ALL of your friends and family to come together. Not only do I face the same obstacles in life just like you do, such as do I have enough money to pay this bill; the kids need this; the house needs that, but I also have to face hurtful stereotypes about my son. I have to fight back tears when my child faces discrimination, I have to FIGHT every single day for things most of you never will.

Ds itself is not scary, but the way society perceives it is. Will you help me change that perception by walking with us?

Skip eating out one day, skip the 6 pack of beer for one day…  dig in your couches, dig in your purses, dig in your hearts.

Do you know, every time we see a new walker or a new donation, our heart lights up.  Will you please light up my heart, and light up Ethan’s life?

Register at:
And search for our team, Ethan’s Jackrabbits.

More information about DSAH, please visit

Thank you all for your support.


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