Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.... and I love you... Kids Valentine's Day shoot

I had this awesome vision in my head of a Valentine's Day photo shoot (because remember, it's a passion of mine I've had since I was Oh-so-young, now that I am Oh-so-Old!) with my kids. I even made Ethan a bow tie! I squealed with excitement when I put it on him!

Well it only came to life half way.  It's real hard to try to shoot the kids when at the same time I have to keep an eye on Ethan, the boy is faster than any 2yr old should be.

The outfits came to life perfectly and the weather was ok and the location had to be my front yard because there is no way I am not going anywhere with Ethan in tow and no other adult to help out. (seriously the kid is FAST.) But  I think a great photographer should be able to shoot in any location, so that works to my benefit as practice.

I am still working on my technique and try to find my style and learn my way around photoshop and what PS program I like better and I haven't used a flash in a while (except for last night that I had to snap a quick picture of Ethan and his buddy). Little by little.

Overall, I had lots of fun although I was hoping I would be able to bring out the other props I had. And the girls are such great models, they had fun too! Ethan had fun running away from me as fast as he could. And I was out of breath and sweaty at the end. (that's why there are not many pictures of him, I suppose I will have to master the task of running behind toddlers and shooting awesome pics of them.)




And my all time favorite picture - I am dying to print this one!

Next weekend I think I will steal my friends kids for another shoot! And if any of my local friends out there are interested as well, I would be more than happy to practice on your kids and/or family!

 Since they are Valentine's pictures and I am already decorating, I wanted to share what I did with the prints. (yes, I couldnt wait any longer and I ran to have the pictures printed as soon as I could.)

I added some near my Thumbpeople - 

 So cute, huh! I also have a poster size print that will go next to these but I didnt pick that one up today.

The buffet table-

and I put one near my picture wall... 

 Not sure if I ever shared my picture wall with you guys, but I love my picture wall! and yes, those are real tree branches. The husband thinks I am crazy but I love my branches!

neat huh!



  1. Super cute! Love the series of the three holding hands!

  2. You got some really great pictures in there Erika! I like the one where Ethan has the stick hahah...The ones with him walking in between his sisters are adorable!! You have some really gorgeous girls there, they look a lot like you :)


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