Monday, June 20, 2011

Here I Am!

Have you missed me??? Awwwwe… I know you have!

Well I am still alive! And well (sort of… I have some nasty sinus drainage that I’ve had for MONTHS… it comes and goes and no antibiotics or medicine has taken it away, I blame the lack of rain and the nasty air quality here in Houston and Ethan is the same exact way as well). With the end of the school year in May, then followed by birthday parties and graduations and all sorts of celebrations, I have been more than busy. 

I have simply been busy and somewhat lazy to blog. It takes time to gather my thoughts and write them down in a way that they make sense… sometimes I can just ramble random stuff as well, but even that takes some work… so there, I’ve been lazy! That is the real truth!

I promise to post some recent Ethan pictures later… The boy ONLY gets cuter by the second. And I am not just saying that because I am his momma…  He truly is just as handsome as they come. -wink- 

Thank you all for checking up on my blog! much appreciated!

p.s. unless we are facebook friends.. then you havent missed me! 

(And for those of you anxiously waiting for daddy to blog… well he’s been busy too.. I got him working on the patio outside! Ha!)


  1. My blog has been a bit neglected too...Love Ethan's big grin!

  2. Well, I know I have been wondering where the hell you have been!! lol...But I suppose being busy is an ok excuse...Especially since you left us with these adorable pictures of Ethan! Love his big smile!! He is a cowboy in the making :)


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