Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She is 10, but she is making a difference

My sweet beautiful Gabby.

ahh, where do I even begin to tell you about my child, my first born, my baby girl.
I was 19 that hot Friday in June she was born. Actually, Houston was about to be hit with a tropical storm.

I was young. And I thought I was in love. NOW I know that could have never been love. I was a lost young girl that longed for affection and my ex seemed to (sometimes) provide. Here is a lesson for you young girls.... LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS!!!! And PARENTS take better care of your kids!

... if I could only go back on time. At the same time, messing with the past would only take my  Gabby away.

I was in such incredible pain when she was born. Yes physical pain, but the emotional pain outweigh the physical. I will forever always remember that one nurse who kept giving pain pills. But no codeine pill could take the pain away I felt inside that day. To be honest, I probably hurt much more the day she was born than the day Ethan was born. Those first few days are engraved in my memory. I hate it. I wish I could think back about the birth of my first born and only remember amazing memories.

I will never forget the things I had to endure on those days. (And it all had to do with her father, not her actual birth, I was very thankful for my baby girl.)

And here we are now. She is almost 10. Next week. June 1st. My baby girl, the sweet baby with the long fingers that I would always say would be a piano player (and she is now!!), the one that opened my world into motherhood... will be TEN next week.

That girl... she is something else. Full of corny jokes and stories that I wonder where on earth did she come up with these! My baby girl.

Well my Gabby was able to take part in her school's Gifted and Talented Expo. The theme was social, global awareness. There were a ton of pollution projects and Japan related projects. They were pretty much all the same, just different creators. And they were GREAT... but what stood out was my Gabby and her friend, Monique.
WHAT did they do???

Spread the Word to End the Word. Yup.

Here are two 4th graders reaching out to whoever would listen to them. I dont think many of the other younger kids understood or cared, but from my observations, there were a few adults who agreed with their campaign. And few even pledged on the R- Word website

 And I was touched. I am so blessed to have this child. All the pain I ever felt has been well worth it.

business cards they passed out, that brought me to tears when I first read it.

And A HUGE THANK YOU TO her teacher, Mrs. Schell! She has been such a wonderful and amazing inspiration to my daughter and all of us. All her future teachers have great shoes to fill.
 Thank you for all your support and for always believing in Gabby... and Ethan as well.

and if 2 forth graders can make a difference, so can you.

The word "retarded" is dehumanizing, and just like Gabby told me, you have "freedom of speech" but don't get too carried away with that... People with intellectual disabilities also have a right.

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  1. Please tell Gabby how very proud I am of her! This post moved me to tears. What an amazing young girl. I am so touched by her efforts to raise awareness...She is helping to change the world for my son. Thank you Gabby, from me and Russell :)


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