Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday -insert life happens-

Well there really isn’t much to say other that I am failing! Bleh.

I was doing real well THEN -insert life happens-

For about two weeks, I was out of commission because I was overtaken by lethargy and overeating on top of meetings, and recitals and gatherings.  <--- All that fun drains me.  I did work out here and there and I ate well (sometimes) just not enough for weight loss.

So TADAH!!! No weight loss… instead I probably gained a pound or two back. (And I partially blame the husband as well, oh Husband you know what you do… “honey you want a glass of wine” is never honey have ONE glass of wine. -oh look I just got a text from Hubby, go buy some wine for tonight!)

Now as I sit here, I think to myself what a waste of two weeks (weight wise, not FUN WISE). I could have lost 2-4lbs in those 2 weeks. Eh. 

Over the weekend I purchased a 20lb kettlebell (I was working out with a 10lb, but that quickly became too easy). I had anxiously been waiting to play with it and melt some serious fat off! But then Monday came -insert life happens- and instead my evening was spent at the girls dance banquet.

It wasn’t till last night that I gave it a try. I wouldn’t say it was a good try.  I am not too sure if I was ready to jump up a 10 whole pounds.  I could do swings and dead lifts, but others proved to be too difficult. And I felt like puking. So I had to stop.  I think today I will interchangeably use both my 20 and my 10lbs until I build up my strength.

I will admit that I was a little bummed. I was hoping to be at 160 by the end of the month. That would have been 4-5lbs away from where I WAS AT… Now I have to worry about 6-7 lbs. And don’t even try to talk me into being able to do it! I will continue to do my best and workout most days, take a day or 2 off. But sometimes I am pretty good at anticipating when life will be happening… and guess what life will be happening this weekend... and Memorial day weekend!  It’s already penciled in my planner.

For those of you on the same mission to shape up, I hope you guys are doing better than I am! Stay tune for my progress (or lack of) in two weeks!

(This is my second entry on my weight loss mission, go HERE to get caught up. I figured putting my chunkiness out there for the world to see will not only motivate me, but others as well.) 

And in case you are having Ethan withdrawals, here is a pic to tame you for now. At the Changing Minds Foundation Butterfly Flutter, raising money for Ds reseach :

 and with a new friend, Parker (his momma blogs HERE)


  1. Oooh, love Ethans shirt!!! I have been trying to lose 15lbs for the past...haha, year and a half?? I even have a treadmill!! And people always ask me if I use it everyday and I say yes, starting tomorrow!! I just can never get into REALLY trying :(...I think wine is my problem too, lol, But who wants to give that up!!

  2. LOL! I have a treadmill that decorates our dining room! Come on we have more than ONE kid! We have to de-stress some way... WINE is the way to go! ;-)


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