Thursday, May 5, 2011

Totally AWESOME Thursday - Megan and Sophia

You know what (or should I say who) I think is totally awesome…
This lady that I don’t really know. She is my Facebook friend and I follow her blog but haven’t really had a chance to get to know her.But she fascinates and inspires me. 

Her name is Megan, she is 36, single and in the process of adopting a sweet precious little girl with Down syndrome from Reece’s Rainbow ( Reeces Rainbow is a Down Syndrome Adoption Grant Ministry that helps many children with Ds and other disabilities from Eastern Europe and other countries find their forever families).  You can follow her blog HERE. (Check out them beautiful pics of Sophia! She is gorgeous!)

While I dont know all the details and specifics about Megan and her situation, what I can say about myself is that before Ethan (and my other children)… I don’t know if I would be as courageous as Megan . I can image myself being selfish and living for myself…  and not thinking twice about an orphan… How great is Megan’s heart to so eagerly and passionately want to adopt this child from overseas. 

I know the joys of being a mother… I know the joys of what a child with Down syndrome brings. I know what it is to lovingly hold my children. Kissing them through the tough nights and laughing through the good days. I pray that Megan can soon be able to do this with little Sophia.  

Please pray for Megan and Sophia that they can soon be a family.

And if you could please consider making a donation to Sophia’s fund. - Today I was having a tough day… I said to myself, “I could really use a margarita today…” well for the price of that top shelf margarita, I instead donated those $10 to her fund. You can easily do the same today. One less cup of coffee, one less fast food meal today… one less anything brings Sophia one dollar closer to meeting her mom.  

You dont have to adopt to make a difference.
(you can make a donation by going to her blog or on Sophia's RR page HERE)


  1. Thank you so much Erika. I don't see this is a great thing, I mean it is but I am selfish I want to be a mommy and found Sophia she fills my heart. I can't walk away even if I wanted (but I DON'T want to lol). Thank you for the donation as well. You are right every donation counts. God Bless you!

  2. Nice post and yes, it is a choice to spend on others rather than ourselves. you should be proud! I will say a prayer for them.


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