Thursday, December 2, 2010

Victory on the Battlefield

I realized that a simple trembling “WOW” was not enough. (The R word incident)

After much thought and some very good advice, I decided to add to my “wow” reaction with an email to that person. To point out that I have been offended and why it was so offensive. (NOT to retaliate on his behavior, not to be ugly, but to educate and make him aware.)

After pressing “send” on my email, I was terrified! What HAVE I DONE?!!

I don’t know where this “bravery” (if you wish to call it so) came from, maybe after staring at a picture of Ethan, and I knew I was not doing him any justice by just sitting around and being bitter.
Somehow I swallowed that lump the size of a watermelon in my throat and just did it.

This morning I was trembling in my boots. Thinking I was going to be walking in to a room full of retaliation in response to my email. I prepared myself for WW3. I tucked my hair into that battlefield helmet and tighten my combat boots. Deep breath…stood up tall… walked in.Yet I wasn’t greeted with bombs and machinegun fire! I was greeted (by others) with a “way to go!” I was a HERO in a war! This war of WORDS. I fought his words with my own words.

I have yet to hear anything from this person. Maybe my words pierced through his bullet proof vest.

I am not sure if this war is over, but as of right now, I am standing (and standing tall) on this battlefield full of gun smoke with my victory flag waving amongst the ash.

Truth is we will have many battles along the way. We will win some and lose many, but for every one we do win, they will be worth every one that we have lost. At least we took on the battle.

We took on that battle the day we said “WE WILL NOT ABORT” when we found out Ethan would possibly have Down syndrome. Every day when I get home, it is as if I am lifted up in the air, high fives and cheers, like a Hero back from war… Holding Ethan, like my medal. But Ethan, YOU are MY HERO. You are the true Hero in all of this.

Someone told me today, “Obviously you know you can’t fight the world", in reference to what had happened.

I cannot fight the world nor can I change the world, but changing one person’s perception is just as powerful and rewarding.


  1. That is so great that you did that for Ethan. I am not looking forward to when I have to deal with it, but it is definitely worth it for these little blessings God has given us. I am curious what you said to him!

  2. do you FB? if so you can look me up. My response is there!

  3. I love this post! Its like reading a book full of thoughts, struggles and tribulations, jajaja Let me get to buying that calendar! Take care ...luv ya!


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