Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BREAKING News - We have a TODDLER!

As in a baby that toddles (ok maybe not completely yet, but let me have my 10seconds of happiness)!!!

I had just gotten home from work and slipped into my lounge wear and came back to play with Ethan in the living room. After some bribing with paper he took small steps towards the paper. Of course we ran to get the camera and captured a few steps on camera.

Being the excited mom that I am, I ran to the laptop to share with the world (the video above). As I sat at my chair, from  the corner of my eye I seen a little baby toddle from my chair to almost the kitchen door! ALL ON HIS OWN! With no bribing! I go so excited that I guess I scared Ethan and started to cry. Sorry Ethan, but momma is so proud of you.

Of course, I dont assume he will be willing to walk everywhere just yet, but it's a start.
(BTW, in case you are wondering Ethan is 16 months.)

My little man, I love him SO much.


  1. Thats so exciting!! I can just imagine what you felt in that moment...I know when Russell does something new I am in tears EVERY time!

  2. So exciting! Walking was definitely the most exciting milestone Emma has achieved. It's so amazing to see them gain that independence.

  3. Yes! I was very excited and I was typing as it happened, I didnt go back to check for grammar!
    I am so proud of my little booger! Of course he woke up this morning and just refused to even stand!
    At the same time it feels like I am losing my baby =(


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