Thursday, January 27, 2011

My amazing daughter…. The Advocate

Gabby (who is 9) JUST LOVES her brother. LOVES.
She thinks he is the greatest thing right after McDonald’s french fries.

Yesterday she came home really excited to share something with me and I am having mixed feelings about it.

She stated that she and her friend have started the R-word Police in their classroom. (I believe her teacher ok’d it since she mentioned her teacher in there).
Whenever anyone says the word, they will report it to the teacher.

I think it is so touching that my daughter wants to do this, as well as her friend. She said her friend also has a very special person in her life, her aunt who is in her twenties and needs help with being fed and clothed and bathed (MS... MD... CP..?.. I am not sure).
It makes me very proud that she is my daughter. And the fact that these two little girls “get it” I love it. I LOVE IT. I know people first hand that could care less and they are as “young” as me, younger and older as well and they could care less.

These girls are destined to greatness, I believe.

But it scares me.
It makes me a little leery and the mamma bear in me comes out. I am scared that Gabby will be teased for standing up for what is right... For standing up for her brother and all those other people that are differently-abled. I think I will die if she comes home crying telling me that the kids called her or HER BROTHER the Rword. I – WILL – DIE.
AND I AM PRAYING FOR THE STRENGHT NOW BECAUSE I KNOW THE DAY WILL COME. Maybe not this school year, but kids only get nastier as they approach middle school.
Part of me wants to tell her that maybe she shouldn’t, but I don’t want to discourage her.
I admire her for having the self esteem, the desire, the will to do this.

And I know Gabby is so sincere about the whole Ds thing and she is amazingly accepting of it. Ds doesn’t scare her and she just wants what we all want for individuals with ds, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT. She is one brave little girl (she gets it from me -wink wink).

So what do I say to the little girl with the great big heart?

Dear God, please take care of my little girl Gabby, bless her and give her the strength and the courage to overcome the challenges she will face in her journey as she helps care for your little angel Ethan.



  1. I am putting together a slideshow for Lily's blog...I would love to include a photo of Ethan if you are willing? Email me if you are...

  2. Awww, this was very touching. What an amazing big sister...I would let her go ahead and do it, but maybe let her know other kids may not take it to heart the same way she does and that kids can be insensitive and cruel because they dont understand...This just melts my heart, its people like her who are going to change the world for my son too, give her a hug from me, and tell her I said thank you for trying to make a difference :)

  3. Oh mama. You're doing a great job to have raises such a wonderful girl!!((hugs))

  4. I really felt like I could identify with your story because I have an older sister with severe autism. When I was a child I can remember the anger and the hurt I felt when I was made fun of for the way my sister is and when other kids said nasty things about her in my presence. I am very proud of Gabby for sticking up for her brother. She did what I would have done and what I will continue to do until the day I die! Very touching story! Thank you so much for sharing!


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