Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am in love…

IN LOVE… with a little boy I have never met.
His face, so sweet and round. Torture to know that he cannot be mine. 

Seamus … a little boy in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.
He is one of the many faces on Reece’s Rainbow waiting for their forever families. Even though I feel like we are his forever family.  My girls are on board; Santiago would do this in a heartbeat if we could. But we don’t have a homestudy (or the money for the agency fees) nor the money to get one started at this veary moment. 

If I did, I PROMISE we would get started on the process.  I know in my heart after the initial process, everything would begin to fall into place. 

It shatters me that I cannot do anything for Seamus. 

HE IS PERFECT for us. He is a month older than Ethan. They would be the bestest of friends and the bestest of brothers. 

I want to sing Itsy Bitsy Spicer to him, the way I do to Ethan. I want to kiss him goodnight. Give him bubble baths to splash in. I want to sit him across from Ethan on their wagon and pull them down the street. I want to teach him to wave and give kisses, the way Ethan does…. I just want to be his mom. 

From here, all I can do is pray. I pray that God continues to bless us in our finances, to get ourselves out of much debt as possible and able to save up for our adoption journey. As much as I want this little boy, I pray that he has a forever family by the time we are all straight. I pray that at that time another beautiful little boy will be waiting for us. 


  1. I totally hear you, I am in love with a few boys over there too. hugs!

  2. but I really REALLY want him.... REALLY.. =( sigh...

  3. Oh, I love your sweet mother's heart for him! I am BLESSED to get to keep him and to know he is loved. How hard it must be to share him with me!

    We will keep you updated on our blog for sure. I confidently trust that God did not make a mistake when he let you fall in love with Seamus.
    ~Seamus' Mama

  4. … I believe God allowed me to fall in love with him for a reason! To pray for him, to pray REAL hard for him, if he couldn’t be mine, for at least there be a family that would find him SOON! I am so thankful that you guys have found him! So very thankful! He wont have to live as such for much longer! I am sure God will lead us to another little man later when we are ready!


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