Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddies and their sons

We had a beautiful Valentine’s weekend… with great friends, great family, great kids, all weekend long. Full of love and happy moments… to tell you the truth, most weekends, or should I say most days are full of love and happy moments.

The weather WAS PERFECT after a previous weekend with cabin fever due to the ICE COLD weather. We took the munchkins to the zoo on Sunday after church. 

I “bumped” into a man with his three teenage sons.. one of which had Ds…  ok I admit it, I have stalker-ish tendencies when it comes to people with Ds, especially BOYS of all ages. And ESPECIALLY boys and their DADS!  I love to see the interaction of dads and sons. It’s a beautiful look into the future of what life holds for this daddy and son. 

When we first found out our baby I was carrying would be a boy, although we didn’t really care about the sex of the baby, I was extremely excited to have a boy. My husband was the only boy out of 3 kids. I know he longed for that boy since before our hearts ever met. 

The day we found out that Ethan might have Ds, I feared that Daddy wouldn't want to be part of our lives, that that little boy he dreamt of all his life was taken away and he rather just be gone (and to a certain extent, something like that almost did happen).  A big part of me knew that Ethan would be born with Ds. We never really spoke about it, we just knew we were going to have this baby and love him, regardless. After confirming that Ethan did have Ds, I knew I would love Ethan with all my might no matter what, but I feared even more… would daddy love Ethan with all his might? 

Answer: Daddy loves that boy with all his might, it moves mountains. 

Yet sometimes I wonder what Daddy really feels about the future. 

So to see fathers with their sons just warm my heart. And I know I will be ok… that Ethan will be ok and Daddy will be ok. 

When I “bumped” into him I asked, “is that your son?”, he answered, “all three are my sons”… I was pushing Ethan in his Lowes buggy, I turned him around, and showed off my little ham “does his little face look familiar?” in my proud momma voice. 

 I am not sure if he really knew what to say, I know I took him by surprise… he smiled and said “ has been a real adventure raising him...”

“I am sure it has been, I am also sure it has been rewarding as well, it has been for us...”
He said, “yes, definitely rewarding… and I am able to do things with him that I haven’t been able to do with my other boys…”

All I know is Daddy is anxiously waiting for the adventures to continue. Seeing him Ethan, I am reassured that he is loving every second of being daddy to him. And I can guarantee you he hasn’t been robbed of the experience of raising a boy. 
 Bestest  of friends...

Our first time at the zoo since Ethan has been walking..

Can I have one mom?


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  1. Reading this had me in tears...We live in a Ranching community, my husband cowboys for a living...So everyone around here wants their boys to be rough and tumble, to rope and ride and be tough...You know "typical" Father/Son things...When we found out Russell had Ds I was scared to know what Brad was really feeling...Was Russell going to be the son he wanted?? But as time went on I saw clearly that Brad loved his son no matter what, that in his eyes our son is perfect.
    Our boys are lucky to have such amazing Fathers! This was a wonderful post!
    Loved the pictures too, what a beautiful family :)


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