Wednesday, February 23, 2011

…one year and a half

Here we are.

A whole year and a half, as time speeds by at a rate too fast for my taste.

My little man continues to thrive as he continues to light up my world.

This little boy has forced me to grow in ways I never knew I had to grow. I was twenty something that hot August day he made his way into this world, I was most certain at that moment that I was as mature as I could get. 

Little did I know…. how much I would mature. How much more my heart could possibly ever love, how my perception of people and life would be completely enriched and enhanced. 

Here we are A WHOLE YEAR and A HALF. Life only continues to blossom into this beautiful rare flower. Full of colors and splendors not known to the rest of the world. It’s almost like a secret treasure. 

Without a doubt I know that I was meant to be his mother and he was meant to be my son. 

I can, and I have, spent a whole day lost in his angelic soul, as I watch him sleep and play. He looks up at me, and I feel a spark in my heart. If ever, my heart stopped beating a moment too soon, I am sure one look from him would bring me back to life. 

He is everything I thought a boy should be, but more than I thought my son would ever be. I am ashamed to admit that I underestimated everything he would ever be. But thankful for the truth and thankful for everything that he is, and everything that he is not as well. 

I laugh a lot. Not just at the comical things in life. I laugh at those people, professionals and strangers that said my son would be less.
He is everything and more. And he will continue to prove them wrong.    

…one year and a half

Feels like yesterday. Feels like a lifetime. 

May God continue to bless us in our amazing journey.

My boy… full of all of the “boyness” in the world… Down syndrome or not. 


  1. Your posts often have me in tears. This was beautiful.

  2. Jenny, I think you are Ethan’s #1 Fan! (after me and daddy.. and sisters.. ok –after family!) =)

  3. Sweet post! Love the pictures. What a handsome little guy you have there!

  4. We were at the Children’s museum, that’s were the pics were taken.. can you believe they start charging at the age 1! Yes! 8 bucks for a one year old! Well Ethan made sure to get his money worth!


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