Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Man Who Loved Clowns -book review

The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae Wood

This story is about a young girl, Delrita who lives with her parents and uncle Punky (mom’s brother) who has Down syndrome. I had mixed feelings about this book, especially at the beginning. It was very obvious that this story had taken place quite a few years back. Considering this book came out in the 90’s life for an individual with Ds is completely different now days. 

I was first disappointed at how Punky was perceived, a man with the mind of a child, his physical traits, the fact that he didn’t attend school, all sounded so stereotypical. I quickly became discouraged yet I continued to read the book.
Delrita deeply loves her uncle and yet deeply embarrassed by him as well. She thinks the best way to protect her uncle (and herself) is by living an isolated life. Invisible. Half way through the book a major incident happens and both Punky’s and Delrita’s lives are forced to change. Life changes for the better, briefly, followed by yet another devastating incident.

The book does teach us that sometimes it us who hold back our loved ones with a disability and it us that underestimates them when they are capable of many great things. 

-Thank you DSAH for lending us the book from your library! Gabby had been searching for it for a while since it was recommended by a wonderful waitress at Joes Crab Shack. She has definitely enjoyed the read as well. This is a 4th-6th grade type of book, but a book I would definitely recommend to everyone.

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