Wednesday, March 16, 2011

But most of the time, it is really good

Although it might have sounded like I was complaining in my last post, I was merely venting some feelings.  Frustration. Most of you parents with a child with Ds can relate, been there- done that, or maybe one day will feel. For those of you who do not have a child with a "disability", I am sure you cant even image some of these feelings I have. But they are real feelings
But for the most part, life is real good. I wouldn’t ever trade where I am in life, with my husband, the girlies and ETHAN. I love it. 

I take a deep breath, close my eyes, see ALL that I have, … I love - LOVE IT.

I am sure there are those people who feel pity towards me.
Let them.
The truth lies in my eyes…in my heart… in my soul…

My life is far from vanilla.… there is no vanilla here. It’s all Rocky Road in this house. Deliciously flavorful.  And literally, it is a rocky road! A muddy rocky road that we get to splash and laugh our way through.

It is...
Real good...

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  1. I get your need to vent. 90% of the time things are so awesome, but that 10% can feel so extra hard sometimes! I have a hard time at baby showers - it's tough to think that I didn't feel only bliss at Chase's birth, and I'm always afraid that people will feel uncomfortable with me there (I had a postnatal diagnosis with no warning signs). There will always be things that make us feel uncomfortable but hopefully we'll all get used to those things as time goes on. (maybe?)


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