Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am convinced...

...that my life is as wonderful as I have allowed it to be. I chose to believe that this how God intended my life to be.

If you must know, I have lived a very difficult life. Things that aren’t for the telling here.

When my doctor told me that my baby boy could possibly have Down syndrome… I told myself “of course, WITH EVERYTHING that has gone WRONG IN MY LIFE… this should be no surprise that my child could possibly have Ds…. Of course GOD.”

BUT OF COURSE I now know that my child having Down syndrome does not fit into any of those sad and horrible categories of things I dealt with in my past. 

I could easily name other things that are more horrible than having a child with Down syndrome. Easily.
And I talk from experience. 

This raising a child that is “different” is by far so much easier than some of those things. 

I am convinced that my son coming into my life is a blessing. That he has helped change my life for the best.

He has been God’s remedy to many heartaches. 

Today, I am full of feelings that seem too good to be true. But they are indeed real. My mind is overtaken by thoughts of my children. As I picture their smiles I can almost hear their laughter.

You know that sensation inside of you that is so grand and powerful… that your eyes just water without even thinking about it. That is how I feel …just thinking about them. Their smiles are engraved in my mind. Picture perfect.

And you know another great feeling... as I am sitting here writing, my phone rings. It’s the hubby. He tells me how he can’t stop thinking about our family. To think that we are miles away, yet our hearts and minds are so in sync.

I am convinced that God is great and that he works in amazing and mysterious ways.

…and that is today’s ramblings of a mother’s heart. 

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  1. Ya, that first paragraph I could totaly relate to. When they told me Russell had Ds I thought "Yup, that would sum up this year perfectly!" I was very angry with God, and I sure didnt think having a child with Ds would ever feel like a blessing...But it didnt take me long to realize that every single thing about my son IS a blessing and I am so thankful he is mine.
    You have a beautiful family...Love the pics at the top! Those beach pictures were my favorite post :)


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