Friday, April 1, 2011

THE PERKS Are Amazing...

One of the most amazing things about having a child with Down syndrome, is I am able to live in a world that many do not know. It is almost a world within a world. Secret place. 

A world where love is endless and earth shaking. Where we live for todays, from the first hint of sunlight all the way deep into the moonlight.

I know God gave me Ethan for many great reasons. Many many beautiful reasons that my heart didn’t even know existed. To think that we humans live for so many years, and only a small fraction of humanity is able to experience these pleasures. 

God gave me Ethan to draw me closer to Him. And I am trying and I continue to seek Him. And now more than ever can I see how marvelous the Lord is. I see His work in things I would have otherwise past up. It stares me right in the face now. I now know that all of this is part of His plan.

God gave me Ethan to allow me to see my own ignorance. Through Ethan, my eyes have been opened. My heart has softened. I am a better mother, a better wife, a better friend and a better child of God. 

God gave me Ethan to put this desire to adopt in our hearts. I know God is guiding us through this journey. There are small and grand details in my life coming together for the purpose of adoption. We are still a long ways from starting the process, but I know we are not alone.

Waking up this morning, I reached for my phone and opened up Facebook. My eyes still heavy and my vision blurry, I scrolled through all the usual Friday ramblings… “TGIF's”…  and finally my eyes stopped on the most amazing thing I had read so far; the judge has accepted the Hook’s family adoption of Evan! I found myself sobbing of pure joy. I cant even describe the feeling. Uplifting… Soul touching… heavenly.

All of this these feelings and joys, and prayers for people I don’t even know…  are things I only experience now, because of Ethan. Magical. Really, you have to be there to understand. 

There really is a club… for parents of children with Down syndrome. A lifetime membership. No renewal needed, no fees.

And THE PERKS are amazing.


  1. beautiful post! I agree it was so exciting ti read about the Hook family today! PTL!


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