Monday, April 11, 2011

It’d all be as good as gone, without you

We just recently celebrated our 4 years of marriage (this April), going on 8 years being together (this June).

Since my husband met me when I already had a little one in tow... she has always been part of our life... then came our (other) little girl.. then marriage (yes... that's how we roll, all backwards)... then Ethan.

Every relationship has their ups and downs.. we've survived many downs. But here we still are. And honestly in love. Deeply in love.
The last 2 years have by far been the best years of my life. Yes, Ethan's birth has enhanced (and saved) our marriage.

May God continue to work in us and make us stronger.
It’d all be as good as gone, without each other.

and of course I put together a video! Really of our 8 years together. And with kids as well. They are a big part of who we are and where we are.

(yup, we live for Halloween and the beach... obviously!)

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  1. Great video! Such a beautiful family...Thank you also for your comment on my post today, it helps to know others understand what I am feeling :)


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