Thursday, April 28, 2011

YES! I have pictues!

What!!! Did you guys think I wasnt going to share my weekend pics with you guys???!!

We tried out a new restaurant for some crawfish (not NEW, just not a restaurant we've been to before). The great thing about it was it had a sandbox area, allowing us to sit there for THREE hours and just relax while our kiddos played! Willies Restaurant, if you are wondering.. this was the Pasadena location.

Look at my girls! They are JUST BEAUTIFUL!

Daddy needs to get ready to start scaring them boys away! (shotgun....)

And the main man....Ethan.

Of course more beach time. The pictures are pretty similar to the last beach trip, the only difference is this contraption... (a float).
A hit with the girls...

Ethan -not so much!

Sunday, the girls took part in a drama/dance/skit thing... (too far away, fussy wiggly Ethan in my arms and bad lightning = not so good pictures!)

 Gabby (on the right...the other little sweetie is my cousins little girl):

Then some Easter Egg hunting:
Ethan looking for Easter eggs:
 CHEATER!!! Grandma cant help you!!!

 And he is TOO old to be looking for eggs!

 MONEY??? I want CANDY Grandma!
 Daddy is waiting for this day, for Ethan to mow the grass:

and one of Ethan's #1 fan - Grandpa:

Great weekend!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last photo of Grandpa and Ethan!!!! That is a framer for sure.

  2. Yes, you have some cute kids! Fun post :)

  3. LOL...So many of these pictures cracked me up! Ethans face looking at the Easter Egg...And the tube ride, haha...You do have beautiful girls, thats for sure!! Man, do I ever wish we had a restaurant around here with a sandbox!!! What a great idea!!

  4. Jenny eating out is NO longer fun, now that Ethan is so mobile, I was SO happy to find this restaurant! I can actually eat my food!!!


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