Sunday, September 11, 2011

and I love it

I spent the whole day today Sunday being "Martha Stewart" as the husband said... and I am beat from cutting and pasting and all that crafty stuff... (in case you didnt know, the little one -Andrea, turns seven soon and we are busy planning a Tea Party birthday and I am thrilled!!!! These are the type of things a mother envisions when she has a little girl, yet my girls have always been anti-anything-mom-might-like, so finally no one is fighting me and I get what I want... I mean the GIRLS get what they want).

But before I go and scrub glue off my hands and take my overworked fingers to bed, I wanted to make sure I get some pictures up. Summer activities are winding down and I must admit I will miss summer time. I love being outdoors. Thankfully Houston weather tends to be a little hot/warmer than other parts of the country that we will be able to enjoy a few more activities for a few more weeks.

We had a Ds outing on Friday night at a putt putt place, and some fishing on Saturday evening. There was  a huge beautiful full moon and I've never fished in the dark with a full moon over me, it was such a serene feeling. Perfect weekend.

My beautiful girls.


this is my life. 
and I love it.

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  1. Love how you did this post, the pictures look great!! You have such beautiful daughters...Definatly a family to be proud of :)


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