Friday, September 23, 2011

Last weekend ramblings – Broken zippers, boobylicious & sauasage dresses

Wake me up… after  I have slept for 24hrs straight please! –Nevermind, I’ll wake myself up when I am ready!

Life has been GO GO GO for the last month! And I am not quite ready for a slow down, truth is I thrive off of hecticness, but I would like a nap somewhere in between. A nap some call “bed time”… whatever that is, after 3 kids I thought those words only applied to children (and the husband).
For the most part I can’t even remember what I have been up to. ( I have also discovered Pinterest….that should answer some questions if you haven’t heard from me.)
What I DO remember is attending DSAH Gala’s and Auction last Saturday. And that was pretty fun. I for a change was able to get super glamorous and I went out and bought me some super high (stripper/hooker) shoes. They were FABULOUS! And I also bought a FABULOUS long gown to go with them (actually I bought the shoes to go with the dress since the dress was super long). The dress was PERFECT. Just what I had been looking for. It had the whole goddess look thing going. The bust area crisscrossed , exposing nothing, with a little band under the bust , that went all the way around the back, but there was no back so it exposed the my back –this was actually the dress:

So when I tried it on at the store, getting the zipper up was a little hard…the dress fit, but once the zipper reached the band, it made it a little tricky. But I got it up. When I got home I modeled the dress for the hubby, once again the zipper gave me some trouble  and got stuck for a while but I managed to unzip it.
Come Saturday evening, the night of the gala, my makeup was done and the hair done, I just had to jump into the dress. I got the dress on, started to zip it , once again, the zipper got stuck at the same spot… fine, I’ll get the husband I thought. I managed to get it unstuck… and then here comes Mr. I am the Hulk and with all the force in his body pulls on the zipper…..and….in…. a ….blink….of….an….EYE.. the zipper was in his hands, detached from the dress. Yes folks, the zipper broke off. 

And I stood, like a wild animal under a trance without movement or words, I stared at the zipper …. 

BUT like the trooper that I am (sometimes), after a few minutes I pushed aside all feelings of terribleness and marched right back into my  bedroom and pulled out another dress. The dress I was supposed to initially wear but I just wasn’t feeling it enough to make it my first choice. But there was no time to cry, complain or whine and quickly changed.
It was just was a simple black dress, nothing to fabulous about it, except that it made me completely boobylicious. Which for another occasion might have been ok, not amongst other parents of children with Ds or other community members who were so gracious to attend the gala. At least they got their money’s worth and got a boob show. (once again, it wasn’t what I was going for…but when life gives you lemons, you just jump right up and make lemonade, then you mark up your margin and make a heck of a profit –JUST SAYING.)

And that was the adventure of last weekend…oh, I cannot forget the sausage dresses! (Thanks Fe!)

Overall it was a great night! 

The Gala was absolutely moving. Definitely something I want to invite more people to next year, people who are not as involved in the Ds community or as aware of Ds and life with Ds, such as coworkers, bosses, teachers, etc.  If I ever had a negative thought about Ds, going to an event like this really put things into perspective. There was an absolutely beautiful prayer said by a priest, it has been the best prayer I have EVER heard in regards to Ds and the community and others. I also pray that God allow others to see the beauty that our children with Ds posses. An absolutely moving night and I definitely want to push this event more next year to others.
Well life is calling! (actually, somebody is having a tea party tomorrow for their 7th birthday….-no not me, I wish it was MY tea party…shhhh… and of course, I will let you all know all the details with tons of pictures…)
Until next time!

Bonus pic… i was reminded today of how old I am getting… pulled this baby right out the front of my head… it’s an early 30th birthday gift!

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