Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mommy’s little helper


Ethan learns a lot from watching, clearly he is visual learner. So all of these grocery trips and unloading of bags have permanently  (hopefully) been engraved in his precious little mind and he is always willing to help out.

Ethan did not join me for this grocery adventure and instead he patiently waited for me at home but as soon as I arrived he dashed out of the front door and was more than eager to help his mommy (now if the girls would only be as eager!) I gave him a bag with a ½ gallon of milk and watched as he so happily dragged the bag inside with a big O’ smile on his dear little face. Well actually he got a little side tracked and started walking off into another direction, yup that is the attention span of a 2yr old.

AHHH...Ethan is 31lbs of pure awesomeness!

(The video is real bouncy, one hand was pretty occupied with bags full of juice and what not, as I tried to balance the phone/camera in the other. And ignore the husband… he’s talking to himself)

School Update –
Yep, it happened sooner than later. Ethan no longer cries.

He fusses a little but is willing to go with his teachers without much of a show (thankfully). As soon as we arrived at school today, we went to the bathroom to get his diaper changed, his class had already taken off to the Sunshine room (remember, the real cool playroom), when we returned one of his favorite (I am assuming, because he doesn’t seem to give her much grief) aides was there waiting for him along with another classmate. She walked  up to him, grabbed his hand and told him they were going to the Sunshine room and started singing. Without even looking back at me or any whining whatsoever he walked off…. Just….. like….that….

He could have at least kissed me good bye or waved back at me. There was nothing more I wanted to do than to shout out his name, “ETHAN…. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!” and run to him, pick him up in my arms and swing him around like two long lost loves being reunited… instead I took a long deep silent breath and watched from behind! Although it makes me real happy to see that he has adapted to his new routine quite nicely, I hate the fact that it makes him appear so grown. In my heart, he is and always will be my baby boy.

But overall, aside from my own selfishness, everything is working out quite nicely.

And here is a video from last Thursday…. Real short.. just to show how well it is going. You would have never known that quiet little boy was screaming up a storm just two days prior to that. He loves his chair. Every morning he walks over to his chair and waits for an aide to come get him out of it and start their morning routine. I have been told it is his chair of comfort. Whenever it is time to transition to a new activity, Ethan takes comfort in his chair. Of course he does. He just has to have a gazillion comfort items.

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  1. He is too sweet!!! Love the video clip of him packing in some groceries!! And that's awesome he is doing so great with school now :)


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