Sunday, May 16, 2010

To milk or not to MILK!

Myself! -that is!

I've been exclusively pumping for -well 9 months! Ethan turns 9 months later this week!
I cannot believe its been nine months. It seems like just yesterday this little blessing was born. These have been the most beautiful, most selfless, most loving months of my life.

I've enjoyed every day with my older daughters, but Ethan has taught us so much, about ourselves.

I am just so tired of pumping. Since 6 months, I've been telling myself that I would quit "that" month, but it has been incredibly difficult to quit. Ethan doesn't nurse at all anymore. He would take too long to nurse and with 2 other children, a husband, a full time job and laundry every day, nursing was just out of the question. We just moved right over to pumping into a bottle. 100% breast milk.

I am tired of this pump! I cannot bare the sight of this ...of this THING!!!!

Ahh, I long for the day where I can sleep in, the night I can go straight to bed and not have to pump!

I've cut back to 4 pumps a day, and you would think that I wouldn't have enough milk for him for a day, but nope... this cow is not drying up!!! ha!

My goal is to be down to 2 pumps by the end of this month. (see I cant just completely quit!)

I guess I just have to take it one day at a time. Besides that has been my life motto since Ethan was born - "one day at a time".

Which is the best advice I can ever give anyone. And you truly have to live it, to experience it...

(Because only little monkeys sleep like this!)

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