Monday, May 10, 2010


Welcome to the world of blogging! For me that is!
I always find myself with so much to say, that at the end of the night, I go to sleep with all of my thoughts and nobody to share them with. Not because I don’t have anyone to ramble to, but who could really listen to my ramblings for hours! (plus, every time I ramble, people tend to cry! I guess my feelings get deep sometimes.) Let’s face it, I am woman… I know how to ramble… look I am doing it right now!

I have a lot of thoughts and feeling about life, my son, motherhood, and life in general. Blogging seems like the perfect outlet. A journal for the world to read. Maybe someone out there can benefit from my ramblings.

I am 28, and mother of 3 wonderfully wonderful (I heard that on Ellen this morning! CLEVER) children. Gabriela (who will soon be 9 this June), Andrea (5) and Ethan, born August 21, 2009.
Gabriela is such a pleaser, works hard to please me. Andrea is my wild child, with a great big heart. Ethan, well let’s just say that all of my children are blessings, but Ethan, he is bonus! He is the cherry on top of my ice cream, the icing on my cake, he is the CAKE! He is my genetically enhanced child, born with an extra chromosome, T21 or Down syndrome as some of you might know it as. And because he has an extra chromosome in every cell of his body, I guess it is safe to say that I LOVE him just a tad extra.
I have a husband, Santiago (35yrs old) married 3 years, together for 7 years. Our love, well it was complicated, but now, it is beautiful. It is especially beautiful when two people can share the same views and values in life. It brings the heart closer to each other and bonds the souls together. Though we’ve had our complicated times, I am blessed to have Santiago as my husband. I like to think that God allowed these complicated times to test our trust and faith in one another, to make us stronger as He prepared us for the arrival of our son. Our lives are so far from ordinary, yet so ordinary.
Just like Ethan, deemed to be so far from perfect by society, yet far more perfect than anyone could ever strive to be.
So imperfect that he is perfect.

We enjoy the outdoors, not so much sitting outside our house, but camping that is! We love nature. Being at the beach, lake, river. Any body of water. Bike riding as a family has become a new passion. Specially after Gabby learned to ride without her training wheels! Yes, almost 9 years old and we just removed the training wheels in March! But she is such a pro now! Thanks to daddy for not giving up on her. Honestly, I didn’t have the patience for teaching her. Some things are better left to the other parent I say!
We are hoping to do a lot of camping this summer, but only time will tell.

Well I am looking forward to RAMBLING!

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