Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buddy Walk - Status and Updates


“Officially” we are 11th place in terms of fundraising. I do have money that I need to turn in and that should bump us up!

That would put us somewhere in 5-6th place. But that would only be short lived. Top teams last year all had $5000 and up! I am hoping that with the help of The Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union, we’ll manage to end up somewhere in the top 10 when everything is all said and done.*** Big kudos to my friend Lori, who helped arranged this fundraiser with the HTFFFCU. She is an amazing friend that reached out to us.***

And it is not about being a top fundraising team. It is raising money for a great cause. A great cause that affects me, Santiago, the girls, and ETHAN.

I hope you can find it in your hearts to help us in some way. Even if you yourself cannot make a donation, it is very easy to take pledges from your friends and family!

I will be taking money from the wristband sales (the money I initially put in) and using that money to go towards a prize for whoever raises the most money for our team. I am thinking a few fun things as prizes!

And as of now, top 3 are:

*1st- My great friend and co-worker, Anabel. She has collected and sold wristbands, for a total of $330! And she is not DONE!!
*2nd- my dear cousin Verenice– sold about $90 worth of wristbands
     And Daddy Bear actually did a great job as well, but he doesn’t count! - He sold about $80 worth!
*3rd– goes to Alex.. selling about $65 worth of wristbands!

We also had a garage sale last weekend, but were rained out after about 2.5hrs. We still did pretty well for those few hours. We (I say we, but there really is no WE) will also be having one Friday the 24th.

THANK YOU to everyone that donated items for the garage sale!

Soon, I will be selling Dominoes Pizza Fundraiser cards, they sell for $10. Our team will get $9 out of the $10! These little cards are awesome. It entitles you to a free pizza (equal/lesser value) after you purchase one, but it has to be carry out and you can use it 16 times! I think that is amazing! And I hope you think so as well and buy one (or 2)!

Also, October 16th, I will be manning the booth at Macy’s at Almeda Mall. October 16 is Macy’s “Shop for A Cause”. For $5 you buy a discount card, that allows you to save 10-25% off your purchase! All $5 goes to our team!

I hope all of you continue to help out and help us reach our goal and beyond!! We truly are grateful. And for those of you who haven’t yet registered to walk, I say WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!! It’s free and easy. *Donations are encouraged! …whatever the amount ;-) even if all you have is ONE Dollar to spare.

Link to our Buddy Walk page:

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