Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HELP Reece’s Rainbow win!

If you can please just take a minute to vote for Reece’s Rainbow, and help them win the 2010 People Magazine Hero of the Year award..

Reece’s Rainbow is an international Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry… they help orphaned children with Down syndrome (and other disabilities) overseas located their forever families.
Children overseas with Ds are practically thrown away!
Upon birth, when a child is discovered to have Ds,  doctors tell the parents to tell the rest family that they lost the baby and to put the baby in an orphanage, in which after a few years (4-5yrs) if they haven’t found a home they are put in institutions where they pretty much rot to death!

Reece’s Rainbow helps these children start funds (from generous people's donations) that can be used towards their adoption costs and and locate loving families! 

I have literally spent many hours crying for these children! What happens to these children is heartbreaking, but what Reece’s Rainbow does for them is heart lifting!

I am most definite, that Reece’s Rainbow will one day help us locate our next son. Which makes me extra passionate about this ministry.

So if you could please help Reece’s Rainbow  win this prestigious award (they will receive $10,000 as well)!

(This will take you to the RR blog, where you can then click on the page which will then take you to People's Magazine.) 
Vote now through Oct 8. And you can vote as many times as possible!

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