Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Challange YOU - 31 for 21

My litttle cub bear... how I LOVE him. Today I received  a call from someone VERY important that cant make the walk... needless to say, it broke my heart.. BROKE.
Didnt I give you enough notice? Does Ethan mean ANYTHING to you...

People, I laugh at them... some have NO idea of our struggles...

Anyways, October is like HERE, (October is also Down syndrome awareness month)... and I have decided to take the 31 for 21 challange...for 31 one days YOU WILL SEE MY BLOGS POP UP as I talk (type) to something in regards to Ds.. whether it is something super exciting or not. About Ds itself directly or about life with Ethan... but I will blog.. .for 31 one days..

Grab This Button

... you are either with me...or you are not...

and I challange you to follow our journey for 31 days..

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