Friday, September 10, 2010

Smile Like the Sun

 Today’s thoughts are not concrete or well thought out… they are just random things that significantly/insignificantly cross from one side of my mind to the other…
Overall they are happy mind crossings.

Today, I feel a little extra touched by this happiness I am surrounded by.
Today, even the  insignificant things  are losing their significance… making them obsolete, thus neither significant nor insignificant.

I am starting to realize that it is ok if not everyone is behind us, because I still have an extremely large group of supporters anyways! You have to lose some to win some, from what I hear.  It’s ok if not everyone understands me, or even tries to understand, because there are those that so clearly do.

And there really are some great people in this world, with hearts of gold. And thank goodness for old friendships. Especially those friendships, where it’s been years since you last seen each other, but when you need them the most, they pop out, just …like….that…

And it’s ok if I am broke most of the time, because just about every extra penny goes to all my children. And they are happy and healthy. It is OK!
They tell me I am the bestest mom in the world, even after scolding them after they have accidentally pushed their little brother over.  And maybe there is some truth to that. Just maybe.

At the end of the day, I get to be in my bed, with the man I love. He kisses me goodnight and he tells me he loves me.  In the mornings when I am sleeping with my mouth open and not looking anything like Sleeping Beauty, he still kisses me good bye. It just makes my heart beat rapidly with love knowing that after all of our downs, we have are here.

This extra weight that just won’t go away.. it’s ok as well! That same man that loves me so dearly, he loves me with and without these extra 25lbs just the same.  And if that is not enough, he makes me breakfast on the weekends.

Well most things.
All I am missing is a little Jesus in me…and its crazy that God loves me so much, even after I have denied him to be part of my life the way He should be… its crazy that even after all my sins and all, it seems like I am his most favorite child.  I must be.. I think.

So today, I sit here and I smile.

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