Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ethan’s Jackrabbits 2011 – My birthday wish

Ok- I did NOT forget to blog yesterday, my internet at home wasn’t/isnt working! Ahhhh!!!

I had my blog entry all ready to go in my head! But that can be saved for another time, because today is my BIRTHDAY! And I have a BIRTHDAY WISH! That all my friends and family, including cyber friends donate to our Houston Buddy Walk team, Ethan’s Jackrabbits! Our Houston Buddy Walk benefits our Down Syndrome Association of Houston.

WHAT is the purpose of the Buddy Walk? 
1) To promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.
2) To raise funds locally and nationally for education, research and advocacy programs; and
3) To enhance the position of the Down syndrome community, enabling us to positively influence local and national policy and practice.

What does the Down Syndrome Association do for our community? 
At the Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH), our mission is to build a brighter future for children and adults with Down syndrome (DS). Each year, DSAH continues to promote awareness through community outreach programs, monthly support meetings, semi annual educational conferences, and social events for the DS community.

Friends and family, I do not need anything that money can buy. EVERYTHING I could ever need and want comes in a package, named Gabriela, Andrea, Ethan and Santiago. All I am asking for is for you to so kindly consider donating to the Houston Buddy Walk.


Thank you!

(I will try to get another blog in today)

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