Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FACT - Moms of children with Ds

FACT - Mothers of children with Down syndrome are still pretty much human and are still their own person.
Although their lives might have been enhanced in many ways, they are still pretty much " normal".

I am more compassionate and loving and aware of the world around me, but I still get moody and angry and I do curse from time to time. The kids occasionally frustrate me and so does the husband.

Since Ethan I would say that I am more of a confident person but I still have my insecurities and pretty much still a women that is overly concerned with her weight and with getting OLDER!!! And as my 30th birthday is only days away, I cant get the thoughts of wrinkles and saggy body parts out of my head!!!!

I have feelings, I do get hurt, I am not much more special or stronger than the next woman, God didnt give me Ethan because I was.

I like to dance, although I suck, I love to read, although I never have time... I love to do crafts although my attention span probably compares to Ethan's.

I am a better enhanced person than the old Erika, but I am still pretty much Erika. Still human, and a wife, mom, sister, friend and much more and I am much better at it now.

Just like Down syndrome does not define Ethan, it doesn't define my life either. I was selfish once and feared that my life would end because I would have a son that was different. What i have learned and experienced has been far from what I ever feared. My life is amazing and my son is not so different.


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  1. You will LOVE your 30's!! And not to sound to creepy or anything, but I think you look amazing! Every time I see a picture of you I curse the fact that I don't look as fabulous!! lol


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