Sunday, October 2, 2011

Party like its 1981!!!

What a better way to kick off October, Down syndrome awareness month, than to attend a fundraiser event for Ethan's school last  night.

Totally Awesome 80's Bash... was totally awesome! I cannot even begin to tell you about all the awesomeness!

And whenever the husband dances, that there verifies that it was a GOOD TIME. He was actually the first one to jump on the dance floor (the first one of us.. there were plenty on the dance floor) and I had to make sure no one stole my rock star so I had to get up in there. 80's music is the perfect music for....  people who have no rhythm...  yes, I said it... and you know its true so dont hate!  So I loved every minute of it because I am the hispanic girl with no rhythm, there was no pop-lock and dropping it, no tootsie rolling, no wobbling, no complicated move to do, just a lot of head swinging and moving my feet left to right and right to left... and even though I lack dancing skills, I LOVE TO DANCE. My feet are killing me this morning!

The band that was playing there was pretty awesome, I've heard about them before but had never seen them before. Spazmatics just rocked the Firehouse Saloon!

Thanks Rise School! Party was fantastic ad I hope yall raised a lot of money! Although I was born in 1981, I am glad my teen years were not in the 80's. Big frizzy hair and blue eyeshadow does not work for me.


 I went with the oversized boyfriend shirt with a jacket look and leggings.

 hmmm.... Do my eyes look a little glazed  over....

That there my friends is Jeff Bagwell... dancing with his wife. I didnt want to be all stalker-ish and take a zillion pics of him, although I was told that he would have kindly taken a pic with you if you asked him.

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  1. Oh my gosh, haha, how great is this!! Gotta love the 80's!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!


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