Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This old shirt

Sometimes I get crafty.

Today I had a quick lunch at work and decided to attempt some tshirt flowers I’ve been meaning to try forever (well ever since joining Pinterest. I am amazed at how crafty some of these people are -seriously!)

Me and a couple of girls at work started our own club "Crafty Working Mom's Club" or something like that, we were being silly and who knows what we named our elite club! We try to get together a couple times a month during lunch and take turns coming up with a craft. Our first craft project was in the beginning of October and we made Halloween wreathes and the next project is this Thursday and we will be making scarves out of old tshirts. I want to add some flower pins to my future scarve, or to use as hair accessories so I got a head start today.

I brought in this old tank top

walked in wearing this plain top (today was frizzy hair day, so no, no picture of my face with my moppy  hair):

and had this embellished top at the end: 

I know, it's not that fantastic... but it was my first try and I think it is a good first try. 

I made the little carnation (pompom) looking flowers using this TECHNIQUE
(they didn't come out nearly as cute, then I again I am terrible at following directions) and the rose flower using from this TUTORIAL .

 Since I was at work I gather stitched them by hand, and even if I was at home, I dont have sewing machine anyways! ha!


So I hope I have inspired you to do more than just eat during lunch and go make some flowers! 

I promise I am working on a real post related to Down syndrome. 


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