Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Buddy Walk and other random pics

Ok, so shoot me, but I have been real busy (and lazy) and am just now getting around to posting pics. Nov 6, we had our 10th annual BW here in Houston.

AS WE ALL KNOW, I love DSAH and all that other stuff ,just read my past posts!!!.. (Ok, so I am being lazy and trying to get to the point!)

so here are some pics: (thank you all for walking with us and/or making donations!)
My little Jackrabbit! 

Ethan and Lily!

Hopping for Acceptance for All

 some of my favoristest people.. the Ramirez's!
Three Saldana's


Ethan and Grace (and the beautiful momma)

Goodness she she gorgeous!

We also took the kiddos to the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend...

 Dont let her fool you.. she was scared.. and she begged to get of!

 Gabby... well she wouldnt even dare do anything crazy like her sister!

(ok, so I will fix he pic later, but she climbed the wall... and she cried half way there, yet she climbed and zip lined off the wall at Camp for all... go figure!)

And Ethan has discovered how much he loves his wagon!

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