Monday, August 22, 2011


 (nothing is better than left over birthday cake for breakfast!)

Ethan’s birthday weekend has come and gone!
It is just bittersweet. I wont deny the fact that I refuse to have him grow up. Ethan has simply been an amazing child. He is full of laughs and just keeps me going every day. I love every second of it and I only want to keep him my baby just a little longer.

We celebrated his birthday Friday evening with a handful of family and friends, hotdogs, burgers and cake. Simple yet a great time.

Saturday night since Ethan was so pumped after a night of dancing (after a trip to a local winery and live music) and not ready for his crib and too late for a bath, we all 3 jumped into bed and waited for midnight as we cuddled with the love bug. I treasured every second as time only got closer to 12. I would never again say that my son was one… I took in his scent, I could still smell the outside on him with a hint of sweetness, I covered his little face with gentle kisses, I told him I loved him and what a blessing he was… and as the clocked changed to 12am, both daddy and mommy sang happy birthday. Shortly after that, exhaustion finally filled his little body; nestled between us he fell asleep. Just perfect.

(picture from the winery, where the they sang Happy Birthday to Ethan)

And of course, it can’t be his birthday without mommy making a video of his past year in pictures. Starts with a picture from his birthday last year and ends with pictures from his birthday this weekend.

**Also wanted to mention that while at the winery we ran into Ethan’s cardiologist. That was completely amazing and unexpected to have ran into a great man whose kind words forever touched our hearts almost exactly (we actually met him the day after Ethan was born on the 22nd and this past Saturday was the 20th)  2 years ago.  We sat in that recovery room, with only quietness and uncertainty filled that room, no reassurance came from any other dr or nurse that walked in there. And as if he was sent by God himself, Dr. Q walked in with all the kindness and reassurance our hearts needed to hear at that moment.  

(And for kicks here is his 1st yr video)


  1. Loved both the videos. Its really neat to see how he has grown and changed. And that's awesome about running into that Dr :)


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