Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why is this SO hard! Ethan goes to school

The little man has started school! It is a very exciting day indeed. 
excited about the chairs!
As of today, my mornings are now officially more hectic than I ever experienced! Brushing hair, rushing kids, feeding Ethan –oh, lets not forget that he will NOT be rushed when he eats nor will he let you feed him. So I anxiously stood over him, trying to stuff eggs in his mouth as he would turn his head away and stab me with his fork. Fine, I get it, you will feed yourself, thus I shall wake up an extra 15 minutes earlier to give you ample time to comfortably feed yourself. 

Next, drop sisters off at school and head to Ethan’s school. I am thankful that Daddy came back from work to make sure he would be there for Ethan’s big day. And Grandma and Grandpa made sure to be there as well. 
Walking in with his dear grandparents!
 And with anxiety in my heart, we walked in to the building and made our way to his classroom. He immediately ran around and laughter spilled out of his precious mouth. We joined the rest of his classmates in the Sunshine room, which is basically a room full of every cool item you ever wished your child could ever have in their own playroom at home. Slides, ball pit, trampoline… HEAVEN for a child. The kid went crazy. 
"lets get one thing straight... I am the boss.."

Shortly it was time to head back to his classroom and it was quite entertaining watching a teacher and her 3 assistants trying to get 7-9kids to walk back to the classroom. Thankfully the grandparents came in pretty handy and they each helped out by holding a child, otherwise, I have absolutely no idea how we were going to ever get back to that classroom! I wish them the best of luck tomorrow!  

Once we reached the classroom is when reality and panic set in for Ethan… and grandma… (overall grandma did much better than I anticipated as well, it was only a slight meltdown, but she survived)

We eventually stepped out of the classroom and watched through the mirrored windows.
And he cried. 

But I was miraculously ok, full of peace and calmness. He wasn’t hysterically crying the way he tends to cry, he just cried. They gave him a sippy cup from there with water and he just threw it right back at them –that’s my kid. The crying eventually turned more into an occasional whimper. Turns out they gave him his Winne the Pooh blankie. Its one of those stuff heads with an attached blankie, and if Winnie the Pooh had been real, he would have choked him to death. The sippy cup was then switched out with his own sippy cup and he very tightly wrapped his other arm around it. The comfort of familiarity.  

It was very difficult for me to leave. It most definitely hit me much harder once I was at work. I knew he would be fine, but I just wanted to observe him for a bit longer.  I have two older children who have gone to daycare before. I know how it is. But I just cannot cut the umbilical cord with Ethan. I am so attached to him and even if we are not in the same exact room, I just wanted to be part of this day and see with my own eyes that he really did fine. I am so eager to get home today and hug him to pieces.  And I am sure grandma feels the same way. I guess he is not just my baby boy; he is everyone else’s baby boy too!

Thank you all for all the well wishes and prayers! I am sure it will only get easier from here.


  1. Such a sweet post and great pictures :) I hate leaving my kids with other people. I feel like I should be the one with them.

  2. Ethan is such a cool lookin little kid! His school looks great too!

  3. I hate to say it.... BUT he is the coolest kid in school... sorry! Heehee! And his school is absolutely amazing! Brand spanking new and awesome staff! Its a special school for children with ds and they also have typical children in each room.

    And as much as I hate to leave him I know he will be fine (someday)... it is just so heartbreaking to walk away from your baby who is staring at you with tears running down his face. =( one school day at a time I guess.


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