Friday, August 19, 2011

Look What I Can Do - Barking and Self Feeding

Since my little Hunk is almost TWO I wanted to share some of his accomplishments. His biggest challenge is speech, so him barking is such a great accomplishment! Now if I could only get him to say “mama”.

It’s quite a task getting him to do anything when the camera(slash phone) is out, he’ll stop what he is doing and will flash me his usual super cute face, where he squints his eyes close and opens his mouth wide open, even if I am taking a video. He doesn’t know the difference with my phone. Or he’ll try to reach for the phone and see what’s on my screen.

Because I work full time (I ENVY you SAHMs) I don’t have a lot of spare time to work with him, we especially don’t work on a lot of animal sounds. I do what I can. Sometimes the guilt is overwhelming because I feel Ethan would be doing so much better if I was home to work with him. So the fact that he somehow picked up on the fact that dogs go “woof woof” is amazing. I have casually barked in front of Ethan, but not necessarily in a teaching way. That goes to show how intelligent our kids are indeed and they do learn simply from observation –just like other children. Just like he helps me unload the truck after we go grocery shopping, because he sees his sisters helping and he grabs a bag and drags it in the house (THAT is a picture I need to take and share with yall. IT IS FREAKIN CUTE!)  

-Back to the barking, if you listen carefully on the following video, he does get a few “woof woofs” out. I LOVE his barks. They are getting much better as well. 

And there is self feeding. Lately he won’t eat unless he gets to feed himself, unless he is extremely hungry he will gladly let me shove away. His improvement over the past month has been incredible. He went from most of the food going on the floor to most of the food in his mouth.

The best part is, less clean up for me! Oh yeah! Because cleaning up sticky wet Ramen Noodles from the floor is not as easy as you might think. 

He truly is a motivated little guy and this mama is very proud.  

PS – I hate Ramen Noodles. That is the only “meal” that he will eat besides eggs, and he will also have peanut butter and jelly mixed together and a piece of toast on the side. 


  1. I love that barking video, its so cute! And self feeding...sigh...I am just now starting that with Russell. Ethan is doing pretty damn good!

  2. I need to start with the spoon. I just dont want to clean up the mess. Lazy bad mama, I am. lol

    He is doing great! :)


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