Saturday, October 2, 2010

And the end...

Today... after his nap.

no, not the end of our journey, but of last night.

Last night we cuddled Ethan right in between us. Daddy had to wake up early and I didnt want to be alone at 3am in the morning, so for the 1st time in a very long time, we let him sleep with us.

I had a foot in my face every now and then, and punched few times. But I didn't mind. Eventually he wedged his little body right next to mine. I would wake up just to take big long sniffs of his little stinky head. I wrapped my arms around him many time, and he didn't even push me away, didn't even budge... My little boy.

I didn't get much sleep. It is ok. It was worth every second last night.

And the most perfect way to END the night.

New trend, to wear your bib like a cape.


  1. adorable!! his bib matches his crib too! So cute!

  2. great story..and his pict. couldn't be any cuter!!! Love you Ethan!!

  3. WAIT!! when did ya'll cut his mohawk??!!


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