Friday, October 29, 2010

My Precious Angel

It has been almost one whole year since this encounter….

It was Friday, October 30 2009. It was just me and Ethan that day. Ethan was wearing his black kitty cat outfit with the cute hood with the ears. He was just 10 weeks old and that was the very last day of my maternity leave.

I decided I would meet up with my boss for lunch so he could officially meet Ethan, where I would “officially” inform him of Ethan’s diagnosis.

With the convenience of online payments, I am not exactly sure why I had to go to the post office, but for some reason I did. I figured I could run in and out before having to head out to the restaurant to meet the boss-man. It was a breezy and chilly Friday. I threw a cover over Ethan’s carrier, so the chilly wind wouldn’t touch my precious newborn son. And limping to one side, (Ethan must have weigh 50lbs back then in his carrier) I waddled my way to the entrance.

Suddenly a man popped out and held the door open, even though I was still a good few feet away from him, he patiently held the door open for me. I am not sure another person would have held the door for me from that distance.

So I hurried over. As I approached the door, the man spoke to me. This was a very simple looking man, so plain that he stood out. He wore a plain brown shirt and wore a wooden cross around his neck. He looked at the carrier and said something along these lines (in Spanish) “that baby in there is an angel… God sent you that angel, he is a true angel…God has a place for you and that child in heaven…”

I think I said thank you… and somehow made it in, but I stood there confused. The man was gone, but he left me in shock. I was pretty confused that I ended up just walking out of there. The man never saw Ethan under the blanket. So where these random ramblings of some random man, or where they actual words, of something he knew that I didn’t.

If there is one thing that I do know is that Ethan is different and that his heart and soul will never know sin like mine. He is my little angel.

Dear God,
I promise to take care of your precious angel, with ALL of my heart, might and power, till the last day you allow me to. 

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